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iPad - Research Downloadable

This free download with Bloomz' Correlation & Effect Size on School Performance document will help you:


  • Understand the background and methodology for this research;
  • Learn the different variables that went into the analysis;
  • Recognize the key results from this research and analysis;
  • learn how Bloomz can improve your school performance and Greatschools rating.

If your school or district is considering any form of communication with parents, student & staff, you don't want to miss on this valuable research.


* The GreatSchools Summary Rating calculation is based on four ratings, each of which is designed to show different facets of school success: the Student Progress Rating or Academic Progress Rating, College Readiness Rating, Equity Rating, and Test Score Rating.

Bloomz improves GreatSchools rating by 30%!

Research shows that Bloomz has a positive, measurable impact in school performance as measured by GreatSchools Rating. Download this document to learn how.

Download the research now!