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The #1 App for All Your Classroom

With Bloomz, teachers, and schools save time by having all the tools they need to communicate with today's parents and students in one easy-to-use (and free) app.

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It’s really easy to keep parents informed – a quick note or snapshot a day will do the trick!

  • Class Updates

  • Photo Video Sharing


Keep parents on top of the school calendar and help them participate in events or volunteer opportunities.

  • Class Calendar Reminders

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Volunteer Item Signups


Send real-time communication home, including examples of student’s behavior and work.

  • 2-way Messaging

  • Student Portfolios

  • Behavior Tracking

Consolidate All School Communication

School administrators can reduce the amount of apps used by teachers and staff by consolidating into the app that provides it all.

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Consolidate All School Communication
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Private & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Bloomz is protected by strict security measures.

Real teachers, saving real time...

See how much time these teachers saved by using Bloomz for their school communication.


Fellow teachers! Need an easy but awesome way to communicate with parents? Look no further, get Bloomz. Easy to work, easy to update, and extremely helpful for planning things like parties or conferences.


Teacher friends, this communication tool is the BEST ever! Hoping to use it for many years to come!!


If you haven't checked out Bloomz yet, now is a great time! Such an easy tool that has saved loads of time and made communicating with parents so simple...and I think my parents would agree!

Why is Bloomz #1?

  • Bloomz is rated #1 app by this independent teacher review who maintains an up-to-date crowd-sourced comparison of over 10 different parent-communication apps!
  • Named “Best Parent-Teacher Communication” by Coolcat Teacher Vicky Davis.
  • Award-winning app four years in a row, including “Best Parent-Teacher/School Communication App or Tool” by Tech Edvocate and Cool Tool Award by EdTech Digest.
The Edtech Awards Cool Tool Winner 2020
The Edtech Awards Cool Tool Winner 2019
The Tech Edvocate Awards 2018 Winner
The Tech Edvocate Awards 2017 Winner

...And Teachers Love it!

Must have Teacher productivity app

I am super pumped. I found an app that meets a few different needs and eliminates some of the excesses.

Caffeine & Lesson Plans

Caffeine & Lesson Plans

An App that has changed my life as a teacher

I love the close/immediate contact I have with these parents. The parents that have taken the leap of faith with me on this journey are thrilled with Bloomz.

Focus On Fifth

Focused On Fifth

It’s like finding the match to the glass slipper in Cinderella.

The perfect classroom communication tool. I’m all about a one-stop-shop, and it seems like I’ve found it with Bloomz!

Virginia Is For Teachers

Virginia Is For Teachers

Parents have made comments at our meet and greet that they love this app!

I feel like I have already fostered great relationships with parents because they feel informed and have a direct communication line with me.

The Kinder Blender

The Kinder Blender

Student timelines from Bloomz are now live. They will make a difference for you & your students this year!

This feature will make the feedback even more special and real for our students and parents.

The Library Voice

The Library Voice

Bloomz has everything that Remind has and more.

I am so excited to get rid of the five sites I used and use only one!

The Elementary Darling

The Elementary Darling

Bloomz is Free For Teachers and Parents

Are you a school administrator? Bloomz can help you save time while improving communication and increasing parents' participation at school events, volunteer opportunities, and more. Learn more.

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