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    All the Features Your District or School Needs

    Every educational community has unique needs, which is why we proudly offer both "Bloomz Premium All-Inclusive" and "à la carte" plans to cater to your requirements. With "Bloomz Premium All-Inclusive," you gain unlimited access to a myriad of cutting-edge features and tools, all bundled together. If you prefer a more tailored approach, our flexible "à la carte" offering allows you to select only the features and tools your district needs. Click the link to view a comparison of our current product/subscription offerings ranging from our free version to school and district plans - Bloomz Plan Comparison.

    Pricing is based on a per-student annual fee plus a one-time onboarding fee. As shown below, "Bloomz Essentials" includes all our modules except for robocall/auto-notice, PBIS behavior management, and activities/assignments. We offer tiered pricing and discounts based on volume and small org/school options. Reach out to sales@bloomz.com or contact us below for more information.

    Bloomz Essentials:

    The following features are included by default in all paid plans. Below are your "essential features" that make up the core of the Bloomz feature sets:

    announcement-icon messeging-icon
    Posts/ Announcements / Alerts Classroom, Group & Private Messaging

    Emails get buried. With the Bloomz app, announcements remain visible for your specified time frame. Alerts override notification preferences & quiet hours and can be urgently sent with pre-created templates.

    Safely share information through posts, scheduled announcements, group, two-way, or private messaging. Strengthen family connections with direct messaging, photo, video, or document sharing.

    volunteer-icon-new groups-icon
    Volunteer & Conference Scheduling Groups & Subgroups

    Save time by streamlining conference and office hour scheduling, classroom volunteer opportunities, and supply wishlists. Request volunteers with an easy-to-use tool that makes it simple and easy for parents to get involved and help.

    Foster an environment that supports the whole child. Subgroups inside of classrooms with various roles/permissions allow support staff such as counselors, speech therapists, special-ed, aides, paras, etc. to share crucial information with parents and guardians.

    voice-icon-new social-media-icon
    Voice Recordings Social & Web Shares

    Send automatic voice recordings, saving time and sending a consistent message to parents. Choose who receives the recordings with custom groups. Save time with this valuable communication tool.

    Multiply your reach by sharing relevant posts, announcements, or urgent alerts to social channels and websites with a single click.

    translation-icon oversight-icon
    Language Translation Admin Oversight and Reporting

    Two-way AI-powered translation in 133 languages ensures information reaches all families on day #1 in their preferred language and modality (App, TEXT, Email, Voice). The original message is always available for viewing.

    Maintain visibility into all communications, district to the classroom, and everything in between. User-based permissions, post moderation, timestamps, read receipts, & modality info provide additional auditing measures.

    rss-icon healthcheck-icon
    RSS News Widget Health Checks

    Bloomz offers two RSS Feed options for adding posted content to your website and Intranet. Once configured, you can begin displaying content published to the school's RSS feed, immediately.

    Simplify health screening processes for all members with customizable forms, question categorization, automated alerts for positive submissions, and detailed administrator reports.

    SIS, LMS, Data Integrations & SSO  

    Access codes and manual invitation processes result in spotty utilization. Remove the friction for teachers, parents & students through any of our bulk import methods. SSO through Clever, Classlink, or GoogleClassroom makes access a breeze and automated data sync keeps the information up-to-date.



    Bloomz Optional Add-on Features:

    These optional "add-on" features can be included in our "Essentials" plan but are included as part of our "Bloomz Premium All-Inclusive" plan. Enhance your school or district communication and consolidate apps by adding any of these optional features.

    autonotices-icon assignments-icon pbis-icon  
    Auto Notices & Robocalling Portfolios, Library & Assignments Behavior Management Tools & School Store  

    Parents receive a notification via email, voice call, text or app notification, depending on their preferences. A private message with their child's name, and any other relevant information specific to their child (such as a date and time, number of absences, behavior alert, etc).

    Media-rich features with cross-year timelines & collaborative whiteboarding tools. It is especially helpful for lower grade levels not yet accustomed to an LMS. Track real-time student assignments, submissions, and photos by accessing their Bloomz portfolio.

    Bloomz has everything you need to track, analyze, and reward students' behavior, both in the classroom and across the school.  Classrooms can now create and customize teams or entire class goals. For our pre-k and early childhood users, Bloomz offers "activities" within their "rooms" that allow you to track actions like naps, snacks, circle time, diaper changes, and feedings.


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