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    Experiencing Bloomz 

    Interested in learning more about Bloomz? Here's what some of our school and district customers have to say about our platform. 

    “We were looking for a communication tool with multilingual capabilities. That was a big deal. PBIS seemed really important for teachers and parents. ClassDojo was adorable but lacked automatic rostering and single sign on. Our team made a list of requirements and my development team recommended Bloomz. We did a pilot and decided to purchase.”
    —Jim Culbert
    CIO, Duval County (FL) Public Schools
    “We are a Title I school with all kids below the poverty line and struggle with parent engagement. We wanted it to be easy to interact with parents. With Bloomz, we can notify parents about drills immediately or schedule messages in advance. Parent involvement is more favorable now than it was five years ago and a lot of that has to do with Bloomz.”
    —Joseph Mattina
    Principal, P.S. 023 Carter G Woodson Elementary School, NYC
    “Our school serves more than 40 languages and dialects. Other communications platforms don’t have enough languages to truly support our families. Bloomz' translation is incredible.”
    —Ayesha Grandison
    Former Principal, Jolly Elementary, GA

    “It is extremely important that we communicate with our parents in their language, the one they prefer, or the one they understand the most. Before Bloomz, we put the information on our website for parents to change, but that wasn’t feasible when you have 97 languages like we do."

    —Bertha Benedict
    Director of Bilingual and ESL Programs, Round Rock (TX) Independent School District

    “Most other communications systems call everything a class. We really appreciate how Bloomz uses coaches, players, clubs, advisors, PTA, groups, members, and so on. The little things are important, and I like that coaches can communicate with parents as a coach—not a teacher.”

    —Ron Brown
    Executive Director of Technology, Wenatchee (WA) School District

     “Our teachers were using different platforms, which was cumbersome for families with kids in different grades. Two people on our leadership team had used Bloomz and really liked how easy it was and that we could have different groups using the same information. We like texting safely, with the appropriate boundaries. It’s been a good tool for me to communicate openly with families.”

    —Stacey Krumsick
    Principal, Brownsville Elementary, WA

    “I wanted to focus on all of us using the same tool. Now our office, administrators, and teachers all use Bloomz, which makes it easier for families. It has an impact. Bloomz lets us know if we are reaching our families.”

    —Megan Hermansen
    Principal, Lake Myrtle Elementary, FL

    “Bloomz has been the winner every time we’ve evaluated communications platforms. The translation features give Bloomz the lead. It’s easy to navigate in the app or on my computer, it’s user friendly for parents, and for administrators. Having a support team that’s willing to troubleshoot and make sure things are fixed speaks volumes.”

    —Erica Levey
    Communications & Marketing Director, Rowlett Academy K-8, FL