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All School-Home Communication in One Place. It's That Easy!

Supes Choice Winner

Proud winner of the Supe's Choice Award for best Communications and Family Engagement solution.


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Are your teachers & schools using many point apps to communicate with families leading to frustrated parents?

The proliferation of many specific-use apps from District down to Classrooms like School Messenger, Remind, ClassDojo, SeeSaw, ClassTag, and others in your schools frustrates your parents requiring them to jump from app to app, distresses your teachers with too many apps to learn, and amplifies security and data risks, but more importantly, impacts your student achievement.
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Fortunately, there is Bloomz, the only ONE-STOP solution!

Hear from a District who addressed these challenges with Bloomz

The results are increased parental engagement, improved test scores, realized communications equity, gained administrative visibility, and reduced costs.

Roland Rios, Technology Director at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX

Technology Director at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX tells us how he manages district-wide communication with Bloomz.

School Principals are achieving the same great results:

Joseph Mattina, NYDOE Schools, NY

Apps Replaced by Bloomz: School Messenger, Remind, ClassDojo, Paper in backpacks

Title I school principal on how he increased parental engagement by unifyng with Bloomz.

Anita Choice, Escambia County SD, FL

Apps Replaced by Bloomz: Remind, ClassDojo, Facebook, Paper

Florida principal talks about Bloomz' unification power & auto-translation impact to address equity in her school.

Ben Lawalin, North Spencer CSC, IN

Apps Replaced by Bloomz: Remind, ClassDojo, Google Hangouts

National Blue Ribbon school principal touts how he eliminated other point apps with Bloomz & credits their success to Bloomz.

Named Best Communication App 5 Years In A Row!

The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Winner 2019
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Winner 2020
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The impact is RESEARCH proven!

Bloomz delivers up to 30% improvement in School Performance.

Researched against GreatSchool's rating which measures schools by Student Progress, College Readiness, Equity, and Test Score ratings.


Bloomz' unified parent communication approach has a real impact on your school’s performance. And we have the receipts to prove it:

Research conducted among schools using our platform showed Bloomz has a measurable, positive effect on schools’ ratings in GreatSchools* by up to 30%. Imagine what this means for your school!

* The GreatSchools Summary Rating calculation is based on four ratings, each of which is designed to show different facets of school success:

  • Student Progress Rating,
  • College Readiness Rating,
  • Equity Rating, and
  • Test Score Rating.
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The Bloomz impact is realized by 1000s of schools. We can help your school too!


Lee Spruill, Eastover-Central Elem, NC

Apps Replaced by Bloomz:  Remind, ClassDojo, ClassTag, ParentLink

National Blue-ribbon School principal tells why Bloomz is all you need in your school.

Scott Forbus, Atlanta Jewish  Academy

Apps Replaced by Bloomz:  MailChimp, Google Groups, NewsLetters, SIS communication

IT Director shares how Bloomz' modern interface and unified communication tools won them

Cathy Daniels, Fon du Lac, WI

Apps Replaced by Bloomz:  Gmail, Remind, ClassDojo

Principal shares how families with multiple children LOVE the unified feed approach of Bloomz

All in one place, like never before!

Bloomz has everything your district, schools, classrooms, sports teams, PTA/PTOs, and staff groups need. 

From Mass Communications to Modern Conversations

Unified Communications 

Bloomz' social media-like interface makes it easy to share updates to an entire school or district, or to a specific parent. You can share anything from a quick text to a video in a few simple clicks.

  • From District Mass Communications to Classroom Conversations
    Send District-wide mass notifications to School and Classroom-level conversations along with supporting Sports teams, PTA/PTOs, Clubs, and more - all from one place and with automatic translations.

  • Connected Social Channel Updates
    Reach your full audience through Bloomz and also post to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and your websites via RSS feed.

  • Emergency/Urgent Alerts
    Send urgent alerts that route instantly via all channels: app, email, text, and voice calls.

  • Unified Social Media-like Feed
    Parents with multiple children have a one-stop app for all communication.

  • Student Communication
    Streamline and oversee your communications with students on the same platform with full-student access for high/middle schools or restrict all student access for preschools.

  • Two-Way Messaging
    Allows for more personal & instant interactions when needed without ever sharing personal contact information.

  • Custom District & School Branding
    Let your branding flow through the communications and build your brand with families.
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Everyone is coordinated.

Calendars & Signups

With Bloomz, you can sync existing calendars (e.g. Google Classroom) plus keep a calendar for the whole school, and individual calendars for each classroom. Conferences and Volunteer signups keep parents involved too.

  • Sync Existing Calendars
    Keep everyone in the know with a unified calendar view: add your existing school and LMS calendars to Bloomz and keep them automatically in sync in one click.

  • Volunteer Signups
    Easy to sign up and monitor fulfillment whether people or items with smart reminders.

  • Parent Conferences/Student Office Hours
    Get more participation with simplified school-wide or classroom Parent-Teacher or Student-led conference signups or organize office hours to meet with students.

  • Customizable Health Check Forms
    Easily collect and monitor the Health Check Data of your staff and students with customizable forms.

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Reach parents where they are & in their language.

Automatic Translation

Bloomz sends notifications to parents and students in multiple modalities. Plus, notifications and messages are translated to 109 languages!

  • All Notifications in Preferred Languages
    Leave no one behind with translated notifications via SMS Text, Email, In-App, or even Robocalling.

  • Bulk-import Language Preferences
    Pull your existing preferred languages with bulk import and seamless SIS integrations to jumpstart from Day one.

  • Reach Inactive ELL parents
    Parents don't need to download the app to stay up-to-date.

  • Automatic 2-way Translation
    Makes it easy for ELL parents to consume updates in the app in the language of their choice. And they can still reply in their language of choice. No need to manually translate every time they receive a message.
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Create a positive school climate

PBIS/MTSS Behavior Management

Build your school community through open communication and positive reinforcement with Bloomz' PBIS-Ready Behavior and Reports features.

  • Customizable Token Economy System
    Reward and promote positive behavior - whether it is in the classrooms, hallways, gym, or any of your school locations.

  • Standardized Behavior Tracking
    Customize and standardize the awards and locations to capture standardized data across your school and classrooms to align with your report cards and/or allow teachers to customize awards to their own needs.

  • Smart Escalations with Automated Flags
    Manually or automatically, based on points earned, highlight positive behaviors or flag to Tier 2 behavior support needed to help manage and monitor across the school.

  • Reporting Dashboard with Data Exports
    Analyze data in visual charts or download CSV files for offline analysis or record-keeping.
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Ready for remote or in-person.

Activities, Assignments & Portfolios

Teachers can create activities and send assignments to students, track their responses and record them in their Portfolios for easy sharing with parents and students.

  • Digital Assignments
    Teachers can assign to the whole class or specific students and students respond to all from the same place.

  • Shared Activities Library
    Share across same-grade classrooms or throughout the school or pull from the fast-growing global library of activities.

  • Digital Portfolios
    Teachers are in control. Make it student-led or parent-led for younger children. Let your students record their work digitally and add it to year-over-year portfolios.
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Fits into your workflow.

Productivity & Personalization

A perfect combination of deep personalization and productivity tools save you time & yet ensure you get an engaged audience that responds well to your communications.

  • Scheduled or Instant
    Working over a weekend for an upcoming event? Schedule ahead for those upcoming updates. Let Bloomz do the work for you.

  • Templates and Drafts
    Save time in your communication with the use of templates and never lose what you typed with autosaving drafts.

  • Albums & Global Activity Library
    It is a breeze to share a set of media in high resolution with your parents or to leverage learning activities from the global content library, Save time & increase your productivity.

  • Personalized Notifications & Quiet Hours
    Let parents take charge of their own communication preferences to drive the highest engagement. Smart emergency communications still give you control to reach all channels.
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All data is easily accessible.

Dashboards, Oversight & Reporting

School and District Administrators can easily find the information, easily consumable, always updated. With full oversight of classrooms and communications, nothing is out of reach.

  • Full Oversight
    Access to all communications and reports gives you total control - access them even from your mobile app anywhere.

  • Full Control with Moderation 
    Let Bloomz fit your culture. Block parent or student communications or enable moderation or facilitate frictionless communication - all on your terms and at each group level.

  • Configurable Roles & Permissions 
    You control who plays what role, you control who can do what with Bloomz. Bloomz meets your needs - not the other way.

  • Powerful Reports 
    Make it easy for administrators to instantly analyze or monitor data and make it actionable.

  • Dashboards
    Stay on top of your district and school's contact-ability and deliverability reports to ensure full reach and participation
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All your data is connected.

Seamless integrations with all SIS and LMS

Bring in your data directly from your SIS or LMS through one of our many direct integrations. With many more underway. Ask us about yours.

  • Bulk Rostering & SSO
    Parents are automatically added to your distribution list at import. No more waiting for them to join! Students and Staff can single sign-on with no passwords to remember.

  • Scheduled or On-demand Sync
    Imported rosters are kept in sync to avoid duplicates automatically or on-demand.

  • Direct SIS and LMS integrations, Clever, ClassLink, SFTP or manual CSV upload
    Seamless integrations with many SIS and LMS for easy onboarding and management.

  • Perfect for Google Schools - Integrates with all your Google Apps (Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Chrome)
    Instant plug and play with your Google Apps for seamless rostering, SSO, calendar sync, document sharing, and virtual meetings.
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lock teachers page

Private & Secure

Share with confidence, knowing everything on Bloomz is protected by strict security measures.

Bloomz has also earned iKeepSafe's COPPA, FERPA and CSPC's certifications, and is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

School & District Administrators Agree

Trusted by School & District Administrators

“When we announced that we’d be welcoming back students, we put the information out on all Twitter, Facebook, and Bloomz. Bloomz, however, had the highest level of engagement. And that’s a good thing! The impromptu Q&A session provided healthy transparency that gave us an opportunity to provide a lot more clarity.”
Dr. Roland Rios
Director of Technology, Ft. Sam Houston ISD

“Bloomz delivered over 300% increase in the parental engagement at our school…

In my 25+ years of being a principal, I have never seen anything like this!”

Cathy Daniels
Principal at Waters Elementary School, WI

“Bloomz has unified all communications at our school, and now with the Coronavirus situation, it made homework submission and student collaboration extremely simple.”

Teri Keeton
Head of School, Cascadia Montessori, WA
6M Teachers & 30k+ Schools

Bloomz is Teachers' Favorite App

Bloomz also consolidates all classroom communication into one easy-to-use platform.


"I set out to download and compare all the parent communication apps. In the end, I Choose Bloomz because it met all my needs. Bloomz is the most complete app out there."
-- Jessica Meacham, Elementary Teacher at Southern Door County School District

App Comparison
We are with you every step of the way!

Premium Onboarding and Ongoing Support

With support, customer success, and data integration teams, you are never alone. We can get your community started in 24 hours or less. Talk to us today.

  • Seamless onboarding, to get you up and running in no time.

  • Premium ongoing support, so you're never left on your own.

  • Dedicated account management to help along the way.
Implementation Sequence

Thinking of using a FREE app school-wide? You better think twice…

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and when it comes to communication apps, free comes with a cost. Free apps will:

  • Push advertisements to your teachers and parents to compensate for the cost, or

  • Upsell parents into other products not authorized or vetted by your school.

  • Provide limited functionality which again means you will create more silos than unification

  • Offer no oversight capabilities mean you risk your administrative control and increase liability

All this, causing frustration, liability, and ultimately, disengagement. Don’t risk it!

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Bloomz not only eliminates these risks, but it will also actually save you money

“We anticipate Bloomz will save us about $30K in copy and paper costs, not to mention the Human Resources time of sorting out papers for 32 classrooms several times per week.”
Shane Knight
Principal, Knapp Elementary. CO.

Are you a Teacher?

Learn about everything Bloomz can do in your classroom here.