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Welcome to Bloomz- the Parent Communication App created for all parents, educators and students. It connects the teachers to the students, the teachers with the parents - and all of this increases student engagement.

All School-Home Communication
In One Place. It’s that Easy.

Get Started by downloading Bloomz on your phone or tablet,
just open your phone’s camera, point it at a QR code
and follow the link!

Here is What You Can Do with Bloomz:

- Communicate with Teachers
- Check Your Child's Grades
- See Your Child's Attendance
- Sign up for Events & Appointments
- Sign Health Documents, Forms, and Permission Slips
- Classroom, Group & Private Messaging
- Office hour scheduling, classroom volunteer opportunities
- See Photos of Class Projects
- Get Important Updates from your School



Frequently Asked Questions:

Check if your Bloomz email /phone number match with your school's SIS data (verify with your teacher or school admin) • If they do not match, follow the steps to delete the old account and create a new account with the code sent to your new email or phone number. • If they match, check with the school admin if they completed the invitation process to see new classes. Steps to delete the old Bloomz account and create a new account to get access: a) Sign in to your old Bloomz account and "delete" your account from account settings. b) Create a new account using the new code that is sent to your email address or phone number.
Steps to reset the password to your existing Bloomz account: a) Goto http://app.bloomz.net > Sign In > Forgot Password to request a new password. b) Sign in with the new password.
You can sign in with either your email or phone number to your Bloomz account to see your classes. If you don't remember the password, try the reset password steps above.
Your invitation code is unique to you. Once you sign up, the code cannot be used again.