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      Learn about how communication intersects every aspect of your school or district

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    Past Webinars


    AI's Role in the Future of District Communication

    Hosted by LaTrice Lyle

    In June, LaTrice, who taught at Atlanta Public Schools, joined us to talk about crafting bespoke communication and marketing strategies that empower K-12 schools, districts, and education-focused organizations to engage their communities. In this webinar, she discussed the importance of developing a tailored recruitment, retention, and engagement plan that aligns with your district's mission.

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    AI's Role in the Future of District Communication

    Hosted by Leo Brehm

    In April, Bloomz's own Leo Brehm hosted a webinar on writing policies that address plagiarism, authorship, data privacy, informed consent, and other ethical issues. By developing clear policies, your district can provide guidance to educators, students, parents, and the community.

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    April webinar

    Uncover New Ways to Combat the Absenteeism Epidemic

    hosted by Michael Gary Jr.

    In March, Michael Gary Jr. of Concentric Educational Solutions shared how the right types of communication can reach students. There’s no easy fix for chronic absenteeism, but we can make our classrooms and buildings inclusive and welcoming. Communication plays a key role in that effort.

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    March Webinar

    Discover Fresh Strategies for Districtwide Community Engagement

    hosted by Jodie Buenning

    In February, communication strategist Jodie Buenning discussed how to better captivate parents, guardians, and community members.

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    Feb Webinar-1

    How to Avoid "Hair on Fire" K-12 Cyber Attack Communications

    hosted by Doug Levin

    In January, K12 SIX's Doug Levin shared why having an existing communications plan in place is an essential element of cyber preparedness.

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