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    5 Ways to Increase Family Engagement with Bloomz

    by Sahana Hegde, on Oct 2, 2023 5:47:00 PM

    Family engagement plays a vital role in a child's educational journey. When parents are actively involved, students are proven to thrive academically and socially. Bloomz offers a range of features that promote family engagement. Bloomz's seamless communication, photo and video sharing, event reminders and RSVPs, volunteer coordination, and student portfolios create a supportive and engaged educational community. With Bloomz, family engagement becomes prioritized, promoting a positive and impactful educational experience for the student. 

    1. PBIS Behavior Management

    Promoting positive behavior is essential for creating a productive learning environment. With Bloomz, teachers can use the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) feature to recognize and reward students' positive behavior. By sharing updates on students' achievements, parents can actively participate in reinforcing positive behavior at home. This collaboration between teachers and parents builds a consistent approach to behavior management, resulting in increased family engagement and improved children's learning journey.

    With its user-friendly interface, data tracking capabilities, parent engagement, and emphasis on privacy, Bloomz provides a complete solution for implementing PBIS strategies and reinforcing positive behavior within students.

    2. Student Portfolios

    Bloomz's student portfolio feature allows teachers and students to showcase academic progress and accomplishments. By consistently updating and sharing student portfolios, parents can gain insight into their child's growth, projects, and achievements. This tool provides a platform for parents to celebrate their children's success and start meaningful conversations about their academic journey. Student portfolios promote family engagement by creating a collaborative and reflective partnership between teachers, students, and parents.

     By looking at each student's learning individually, teachers can gain insights into their strengths, and areas for improvement. This information helps create new class instruction and provides personalized learning plans to meet each student's unique needs. Students can reflect on their work, set goals, and find their educational strengths. 

    3. Event Reminders and RSVPs:

    The Bloomz app allows parents to organize events and manage RSVPs. Whether it's a parent-teacher conference, a school play, or a PTA meeting,  Bloomz's event management feature has it all. It allows parents, educators, and admin to send reminders and share details. By keeping parents informed and involved in school events, Bloomz enhances family engagement and creates a sense of belonging within the school community.

    Bloomz's Event Reminders and RSVPs feature supports clear and organized communication. Teachers can include event-specific details and instructions, such as what parents need to bring or organize for school events. This feature guarantees that parents have all the necessary information given by educators, reducing confusion and potential misunderstandings. Bloomz also allows parents to sync event reminders with their calendars, ensuring they stay updated and never miss an important school event. 

    4. Volunteer Coordination: 

    Bloomz allows parents to organize volunteer opportunities like class parties, field trips, or fundraising events. Parents can quickly sign up, express interest, and contribute time and skills to school events. This approach helps strengthen the bond between families, schools, and the community.

    Bloomz's Volunteer Coordination feature promotes clarity and accountability. Teachers can keep track of all the parent commitments, view sign-up lists, and manage any changes or cancellations. This feature helps educators effectively plan and give resources based on the number of available volunteers. It also allows teachers to express their appreciation towards the parents, building a stronger parent-teacher relationship.

    5. Automatic Language Translation 

    Bloomz's Auto Translate feature is extremely helpful for families with diverse language backgrounds. It automatically translates messages and updates the screen to the preferred language of the parent. This feature ensures effective communication between teachers and parents, regardless of language barriers. Parents feel included, understood, and engaged in their child's education. The Auto Translate feature supports family engagement by eliminating any language barriers and promoting meaningful communication between teachers and families from all cultural backgrounds.

    The Auto Translate feature not only benefits non-native English-speaking parents but also supports English-speaking parents who want to reach out and communicate with families from different language backgrounds. It creates a comprehensive and inclusive community filled with different perspectives, and cultural insights, building a diverse and supportive learning environment. 

    If you're curious about Bloomz and would like to schedule a product demo, you can schedule a demo to learn more about our platform.