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    7 Ways Principals Can Increase Community Engagement

    by Crystal Gammon, on Jun 18, 2021 11:50:47 AM

    One of the greatest recipes for a school's success is active stakeholder participation. Studies show that principals that communicate with their community have more success in gaining public support, minimal parent criticisms, and higher student and parent engagement (Ubben, Hughes, and Norris, 2011, p. 302).


    Technology has been a powerful tool in bridging the communication gap in every community across the nation.

    1. Free or Low-Cost Events- One way to increase community engagement is to host a free or low-cost event and invite the community. Community events are a great way to connect with local businesses and other stakeholders. Host festivals, holiday events, and a monthly farmer's market. These events are sure to attract your community to your school and inspire families and businesses to invest their time, money, and support in your children.
    2. Partner with Local Businesses- Reach out to local businesses and partner with them to fun events, fundraisers, and more. Local businesses need your school to be successful. The more successful your school is at meeting the needs of your students, the more families want to move into the community. When new families move in, businesses increase sales. So, create strong partnerships with local businesses, and your school and the community as a whole will benefit.
    3. Train Parents as Volunteers- Every school needs volunteers. So many parents and community members are eager to help in the classroom and other school events. Offer training opportunities to the community and advertise the training opportunities on Bloomz and social media sites. Teachers love to have volunteer help! More volunteers from the community can help decrease the workload for our dedicated teachers. When teachers are less stressed, they create a happier atmosphere in their classroom and throughout the school. Happy teachers teach happy kids.
    4. Connecting Through Technology- Connect with your community through Bloomz. Advertise events, fundraisers, and other opportunities to your community as often as possible. Bloomz can offer more community outreach and a simpler way to recruit volunteers and connect families to needed services within the community.
    5. Create and Maintain a Public Facebook Page- Another way to reach your entire community is to create a public Facebook page. Facebook can help families feel more connected to their students in many ways. Update the community about events, competitions, and just share fun and inspiring stories about your students. Bloomz' Facebook connection means you only create the post once and it shows on both places.
    6. Create Individual Teacher and Staff Profiles- The best way to connect with your community is to let them get to know your teachers and staff members. Create individual teacher and staff profiles on Bloomz, your website, and other social media platforms. When parents and other stakeholders feel connected to the school teachers and staff, they are more likely to invest in your school. You have a wonderful school staff! Show them off!
    7. Partner with Other Local Schools- Create community interest by showing them how you partner with other schools to increase student engagement. Create writing competitions, fundraiser competitions, and more. Lighthearted competition between local schools will surely increase community involvement.

    Strong community connections can help improve student and staff morale, increase community support, build trust, and increase student engagement. Strong school and community relationships are vital for student success.

    How does your school engage with the community? Tell us in the comments.


    • Ubben, G. C., Hughes, L.W., & Norris, C. J. (2011). The principal: Creative leadership for excellence in schools, seventh edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
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