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Chatting with Ashley Deaver, The Director of Administration at It's a Sensory World! in Farmers Branch, Texas.

by Nathan Resick, on Dec 5, 2022 4:05:57 PM

It's a Sensory World! offers education, therapy, recreation, sensory gym, & more for special needs children and those with sensory processing disorders.

"I know it's a mouthful, but "It's a Sensory World!" is a nonprofit organization first and foremost. And one of the programs that we offer is our Academy program, which would closely relate to a private school experience. It's a Sensory room that provides therapeutic education, recreation, and support for Neuro-diverse individuals and their families.


Our approach integrates every person's customized intervention in an environment of understanding and encouragement. This promotes incredible growth and independence, and represents our hope for an inclusive future. 

We serve neurodivergent people ages 2 to 22, which is a wide range. Our organization focuses on providing services outside the norm, and there was never an app that did everything we needed until we found Bloomz. We have tried everything out there, from ClassDojo to Facts SIS, to paper newsletters, to daily notes that went home with the students. These tools just weren't giving us what we needed.

First and foremost, we use the app as a one-stop shop for parent communication. The staff has a one-way direct line to the parents via text message, email, and an alert that goes to their phone. Parents can have access to our school calendar, as well as access to other parents in the community.

Portfolios are the second most important feature to us since they track the progress of our students. We take a lot of pictures and videos. It's crucial for grants, it's important for stakeholders, and it's essential for the parents.

And then lastly, the healthcare checks. That was a newer feature to us throughout Covid and the Pandemic. Since we hold a childcare license through the state of Texas, we're required to have these health checks and having them digitally on Bloomz made it so much easier than having a paper trail. 

We have gotten everything we ever wanted out of Bloomz, and they have been very responsive to our feedback. I can't recommend Bloomz enough!



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