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    Auto Notices

    by Sahana Hegde, on Nov 20, 2023 10:48:00 AM

    In the continuously changing and happening world of education, effective communication between educators and parents is crucial. Keeping parents informed about attendance, behavior, grades, and lunch balances can be often challenging, but with Bloomz Auto Notices, this task becomes a seamless process. The Auto Notice feature can revolutionize the way district and school administrators connect with parents.

    1. Automating Communication for Key Topics

    At Bloomz, district and school administrators have access to a powerful tool—the Bloomz auto notice feature. This feature allows administrators to automatically schedule and send customized notices for important information, including attendance, behavior, grades, lunch balances, and more. With Bloomz there is no need for manual distribution or lost flyers; as the auto-notice feature ensures that crucial information reaches parents directly.

    2. Customizing Auto Notices

    1a. Define:

    The first step is to determine communication needs. The different sections available in the auto notice feature include the title of the notice, template type, and import method. This lays the foundation for the delivery educators can use to send their class information to parents.

    1b. Configure:

    Next, Bloomz offers the ability to choose filters based on the specific class roster to develop a list of users they choose to send information. This approach ensures that the right information goes to the right parents.

    1c. Content:

    Now comes the creative part. The auto-notice feature comes with a range of tools, such as language translation, message editor, and merge fields, to craft the auto-notice message. Educators can deliver these messages through various channels, including social posts, email, voice calls, and app engagement.

    3. Activating, Editing/Copying & Sharing Auto Notices

    Bloomz simplifies the classroom and parent notification process with a few simple clicks. Administrators can also easily edit or duplicate auto notices for review and modification. Collaboration with other educators is effortless, ensuring that the notices sent out to parents align perfectly with the school's needs.

    4. Scheduling Auto Notices

    1d. Schedule:

    Educators can choose when and how they intend to send the auto notice to their parents and whether they will allow responses. Monitoring the delivery status is easier with the template instance report, providing a full view of all the notices sent out and the delivery status details.

    5. Reviewing & Confirming

    1e. Review:

    Bloomz offers a complete review page to ensure there are no mistakes in the auto notice creation process. Educators can set a schedule for automatic notices or send notices on-demand to ensure timely communication.

    6. Tracking Delivery

    1f. Auto Notice Deliverability Report:

    Administrators can track district and school-wide auto notice delivery with detailed reports. These reports show recipients and details of delivery, giving administrators a clear view of the communication's effectiveness. Administrators can see delivery details for each parent the message is sent to, ensuring that all correct users receive critical information successfully.

    7. Encouraging Parent Engagement

    1g. Auto Notice Response Engagement:

    Administrators can enable responses within Auto Notices, allowing parents to reply privately concerning their child. This feature is handy for attendance absences, behavior, lunch balances, and other critical issues.

    8. Enhancing the Parent Experience

    1h. Parent Experience:

    Parents receive notifications via email, voice call, text, or app notification—depending on their preferences. These notifications include their child's name and other relevant information, such as a date and time, number of absences, or behavior alerts.

    9. Reviewing & Acknowledging Responses

    1i. Reviewing & Acknowledge Response:

    Administrators can review, reply to, and acknowledge responses from parents regarding the Auto Notice. This comprehensive process of communication is recorded for documentation purposes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

    In today's fast-paced educational environment, Bloomz Auto Notices empower administrators to communicate effectively with parents. There is no more need for paper notices. Bloomz offers automated and customized communication that keeps parents informed and engaged in their child's education. To learn more about this transformative tool, visit Bloomz!