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    Bloomz Announcement: New Customer Service Team

    by Horacio Ochoa, on May 6, 2021 4:05:57 PM

    We're excited to share some great news for all our Premium customers. Click below to play the video or scroll down to learn more:


    Today, we're announcing an addition to our team that will significantly increase the value of our school subscription and help our customers make the most out of their investment. We are adding a new Customer Success team to help each and every Premium school with the process of on-boarding and technical integrations required to get started.

    The team is comprised of two parts: 

    • A dedicated account manager helping the school with onboarding, adoption, training and upgrades, among other things.
    • And, a dedicated technical and data integration specialist helping our customers  with the more technical aspects of onboarding, rostering and other integrations.

    With these additions, we are ensuring our team is ready to support the transition of all our customers into the next school year, as well as on-board the thousands of new teachers and parents that will join Bloomz for the first time. 

    To learn more about our subscription for schools, please click here:

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