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    Bloomz Voted the Best Solution at the Supes' Choice Awards

    by Horacio Ochoa, on Dec 14, 2021 4:03:58 PM

    Winners were selected by a panel of district superintendent judges for this ground-breaking, new education industry award

    SC Winner

    NEW YORK CITY, New York – January 11th, 2021 — Bloomz was named the winner of the inaugural 2021 Supes' Choice Awards in the Communications and Family Engagement category by the Institute for Education Innovation. IEI is an organization that serves as the bridge between district leaders and organizations to support the greatest challenges in K-12 education.

    Bloomz was selected by a panel of esteemed superintendent judges from across the nation and was assessed based on Bloomz’s commitment to student outcomes, innovation, ingenuity, client support, interactivity, and overall engagement. The Supes’ Choice Awards are the only industry awards judged exclusively by school district superintendents.

    “We are honored to be recognized by the Supes’ Choice Awards as the inaugural winner in Communications and Family Engagement for our commitment to provide the best-unified communication platform for schools and districts,” said Chaks Appalabattula, CEO & Founder of Bloomz. "This recognition by district leaders serves as a testament to our dedication in supporting the schools and districts we serve.”

    Parents are overwhelmed with the number of informational sources they need to navigate, often leading to even further disengagement. Websites, portals, mobile apps, calendars, invitations, access codes, and a host of logins… all to stay up to date on school communication. And the frustration is amplified with multiple children in the family, often in different buildings with another set of classes and teachers to stay in contact.
    This is where Bloomz comes in, the ONLY centralized, all-in-one solution for district to classroom communication and everything in between!

    With an extensive array of integrations for rostering, single-sign-on, auto notices and secure document delivery, Bloomz is really simple to set up, and connects securely with your Student Information and/or Learning Management Systems. Bloomz imports all the relevant information, keeps it in sync, and delivers communications in the user’s preferred language and modality (email, SMS, app, voice).

    “At IEI, we are committed to improving students’ outcomes and supporting effective, sustainable solutions to age-old problems in education,” said Doug Roberts, founder, and CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation. “The Supes’ Choice Awards provide a unique opportunity for companies to not only get their products and solutions in front of district decision makers, but also to pursue recognition for their work with a prestigious new industry award.”

    "Like never before, communication is critical, parents are expecting it and there's no longer an excuse for communication not to be digital, available, actionable and quick. And it is as important as it is a textbook", said Dr. Daisy Morales, Superintendent at Live Oak School District in Santa Cruz. "Bloomz supports our goal of promoting family engagement and community partnerships, providing opportunities for communication and participation holistically."

    Recipients of the Supes’ Choice Award were recognized at a hybrid gala held on December 9, 2021, where the judges gathered in New York City and the event was live-streamed for all award applicants.

    The full list of winners and finalists can be found on the Supes Choice website.


    About Bloomz

    Bloomz is the unified school-home communications platform that connects districts, schools, and classrooms with parents and students in a secure, social, and private environment. With Bloomz, parents feel more connected than ever to their children’s education. By using one easy tool, Bloomz educators and administrators save time and resources while increasing parent engagement and staff efficiency! Learn more at

    About the Institute for Education Innovation

    Superintendents are defenders of our children’s right to high-quality public education and lead their teams toward effective, sustainable solutions to age-old problems. They must be at the center of discussions around when, where, and how innovation will affect teaching and learning. Many education solution providers, funders, researchers, and thought leaders are mission-driven: they do what they do to improve student outcomes. The Institute for Education Innovation bridges gaps between the individuals and organizations committed to seeing students succeed in school and life, creating a safe space for constructive problem-solving and innovative thinking.

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