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    Bloomz vs Classdojo: Which School Communication App is Right for Your School or District?

    by Nathan Resick, on Apr 28, 2022 7:04:33 PM

    As you well know by now, when your school or district uses too many parent communication apps it can lead to a lot of confusion and irritated parents. If you have found this article, you know by now that two of the bigger players in the school communication space are ClassDojo and Bloomz, but which is right for you or your school?

    Classdojo and Bloomz Have Core Features in Common

    Both school communication apps have some core functionality you might expect from a parent school communication app

    • Free Version of App
    • group messaging
    • messaging between teachers and parents
    • audio messages
    • translation
    • social media sharing
    • student portfolios
    • Mobile UI Interface
    • push notification

    Classdojo Is Missing a lot of Important PBIS Features

    november-1Bloomz allows standardization of PBIS behaviors at school-level while ClassDojo does not allow for that - which is particularly important for larger districts. Bloomz allows for PBIS referrals using Flags automation, ClassDojo does not. Bloomz allows capturing the PBIS data against school locations while ClassDojo does not.


    Bloomz provides school-wide reporting and analysis across teachers, students, interactions, and locations

    Administrators can analyze the behavior data across trends by classes, by staff, by students, by interactions, and even by specific locations. All reports can be downloaded in a CSV format.

    Bloomz Provides Age-Appropriate Themes

    julyYour school or district can utilize Bloomz’ behavior tracking with any of the age appropriate themes (cute flowers, little monsters, neutral etc.). Bloomz also has different modes for its behavior functionality to keep students engaged and on track. Fun visual cues show a students' progress towards a goal, with a number of options to meet your students' preferences.

    ClassDojo doesn't have Messaging between Teachers / Students or Messaging between Parents and Students

    With the Parent Communication App Bloomz, teachers can communicate directly with students about assignments, attendance, their behavior etc. Bloomz also gives parents the ability to communicate with each other about carpools, supplies etc. This level of communication drives parental engagement which increases attendance and overall school performance.

    ClassDojo does not have Robodialing or Voice Recording

    Bloomz allows Robocalling, a new feature allowing school administrators to share audio and text-to-speech with parents and students simply and easily. The new capability, designed to be intuitive to those already familiar with the platform, allows premium users to quickly and easily record voice messages and queue them for immediate or scheduled delivery to fully customizable recipient groups.

    Only Bloomz has Contact Validation

    If a teacher has added and invited parents with phone numbers, the parent will receive a text message to confirm and validate the Bloomz account.

    Bloomz has Auto Notices, External Calendar Import and Sync

    Bloomz supports integrating an existing external calendar with your community calendar/ class calendar or personal calendar on Bloomz. (Note that Importing an external calendar requires the calendar to allow converting it into an iCal URL.)

    ClassDojo doesn’t have Event RSVP Feature

    Bloomz provides an easy way to share events with the parents of the community. Members can RSVP to a particular event on Bloomz. They can either Accept, Decline or select Maybe.

    ClassDojo doesn’t have Volunteer Signups

    Need to organize an upcoming Thanksgiving party or any other special class event. Do you need help from parent volunteers or items such as food, plates, paper cups etc to help with the event? Bloomz has you covered!

    Classdojo Doesn’t have COVID-19 Health Checks

    Bloomz will automatically send important alerts to school administrators and teachers, students or staff who report covid symptoms. Bloomz Health Checks are now available to all users, free and Premium.

    Classdojo charges parents for upgraded features. Bloomz doesn't charge parents anything!

    Unlike other apps, Bloomz doesn’t try and upsell your parents - which they hate, and restricts equitable communication.


    If your school or district is interested in learning more about Bloomz, you can schedule some time with our team to walk you through a free demo of all its capabilities. Click Here to Schedule a Demo!