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    Bloomz vs ParentSquare: Which Unified Communication App is Right for You?

    by Nathan Resick, on Apr 15, 2022 3:14:25 PM

    Does your school or district use too many apps leading to confusion and annoyed parents? If you are reading this article chances are you already know that the two big players in the school communication game are ParentSquare vs Bloomz, but which is right for you or your school?

    ParentSquare and Bloomz Have Core Features in Common with Each Other 

    Both apps have some core features you might expect from a school communication app (and a few you probably wouldn't have considered)

    • Group Messaging
    • Push Notifications
    • Social Media posting
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Event scheduling
    • Language translation
    • Robo-dialing with Voice Recording
    • Volunteer signups
    • Creating Communities and Groups
    • Messaging between Teacher/Parent
    • Messaging between Teacher/Students
    • Audio Messages: In-App, Link-To
    • Covid Healthchecks and health forms

    Bloomz  is the Only Platform with a Single Integrated All Groups Feed

    Bloomz is a powerful app that simplifies communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. With Bloomz, parents can view everything across multiple classes in one place. Teachers have access to one single app to manage everything, while admins can control everything through a powerful dashboard. The app also offers enhanced capabilities such as sending mass notifications and allowing for greater control over filters and groups to dictate who receives those notifications. Overall, Bloomz streamlines communication and provides a more efficient means of keeping everyone informed.

    Bloomz Has a Clean and Easy to Use Modern User Interface

    Our app has been developed from grassroots level up, incorporating valuable user feedback. We have incorporated engaging color themes and ensured that the design is user-friendly for even new users. 

    Bloomz Has a Highly Personalized and Highly Granular Notification Preferences

    Bloomz offers a comprehensive communication solution that aligns the preferences of stakeholders with the oversight and control of administrators. Through Bloomz, stakeholders can receive communications in the manner they prefer, whether it be through email, SMS, push notifications, etc. This ensures that important updates and information are received in a timely and convenient manner. At the same time, administrators have full control and oversight to manage which communications are sent and to whom. This ensures that the right information is delivered to the right stakeholders, keeping everyone informed and engaged. In summary, Bloomz provides a flexible communication platform that meets the needs of all stakeholders while giving administrators the tools to manage and control communication flow effectively.

    Bloomz is the Only Communication Option if your District or school also Needs PBIS Behavior Management Features

    If you are looking to foster school community through open dialogue and positive reinforcement - Bloomz' Behavior and Reports features really has no equal. Administrators can analyze PBIS behavior data in a lot of different ways, it is possible to analyze trends by classes, by students, by staff, by interactions, and even by location.

    Bloomz Vs Parentsquare

    Behavior Flags are an easy way to provide feedback and rewards while keeping tabs on student behavior. With Bloomz you can automatically award your "School Leadership" milestone to an exceptional student who earns 25 or more Bloomz points in a month.

    You can also automatically notify effected teachers about a Tier II type behavior incident - this notification can also generate an administrator referral notification if the situation calls for it.

    • You can build your school community with open communication and positive reinforcement 
    • Save time with automated or manual flags for positive or negative behavior
    • Track positive, or "needs attention" behaviors
    • Appeal to students with age-appropriate Bloomz themes
    • Customize both interactions and locations at the school-level and allow teachers to add their own 
    • Set behavior goals and milestones
    • Configure which parents can access, reset goals, redeem points and more.
    • Analyze behavior data across various dimensions and export data as a spreadsheet file.

    Click Here to Learn More about Bloomz PBIS & SEL Communication

    Bloomz is the Only Unified Communication App with Student Portfolios & Activities

    With Bloomz, your teachers can create digital activities, send assignments to students, track their responses and record them in their student portfolios for easy sharing. Parents absolutely love seeing what their kids have been up to, and students feel proud to have their work available for others to see, which in turn makes for more diligent students!

    Click Here to Learn More about Bloomz Student Portfolios & Activities

    Want your teachers to give a quick try? Bloomz offers a free version while ParentSquare doesn’t have a Free Version

    If you are a teacher and would like to try Bloomz you can download it on the Playstore or Applestore right now and give it a try today. Many of our partner school districts adopted Bloomz after being referred to it by a teacher who was already using and enjoying the app.

    Bloomz allows teachers to connect with parents by uploading photos and updates about the day, and teachers can also send announcements for assignments, reminders of registration deadlines, or alerts for more urgent issues.

    Bloomz’ integrated class calendar gives schools a single place where they can communicate with their parents, whether planning activities, tracking parent-teacher conference signups, or organizing field trips. Bloomz also allows parents to collaborate with each other, volunteer for school trips and needs, and participate in scheduled activities. With Bloomz, parents, teachers, school admins, and even PTA leaders can all easily communicate through the private two-way messaging. 

    If your school or district is interested in learning more about Bloomz, you can schedule some time with our team to walk you through a free demo of all its capabilities. Click Here to schedule a demo!