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Classdojo Competitors

by Srishti Mangal, on Jun 22, 2022 3:52:36 PM

Are you considering using Classdojo? Before you decide, explore some of its top alternatives and competitors to identify the optimal application. This article will describe a side-by-side comparison of some of the top school communication apps: Bloomz, Classdojo, and Parent Square.

Features in Common

 All three communication apps have some integral features in common.

  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Social Media Sharing Options
  • Customization Features
  • Unlimited Message Length
  • Audio messages
  • Translation Capability

 Bloomz Should be your Only Choice if you want the Best PBIS Features

Bloomz’ Behavior and Reports features really isn’t comparable to the ones of Parent Square and Classdojo. Administrators have the ability to analyze PBIS behavior data in a plethora of ways. Bloomz has many PBIS features like standardization of PBIS behaviors at school-level and capturing the PBIS data against schools locations - Classdojo and Parent Square do not have this.

Only Bloomz has Robo-dialing with Voice Recording

The teacher parent communication app, Bloomz, has a new capability that no other application like Classdojo or Parent Square has. Robocalling is a feature that allows administrators to share audio recordings and text-to-speech messages with parents and students at the click of a button. The new feature takes the text entered by administrators and automatically converts it to voice recording using text-to-speech technology, to save them time in their communication. The app also gives the ability to send customized voice recordings in different languages to ensure that non-English speaking parents receive the recordings in their preferred languages.

Bloomz has the Highest Translation Capability

Bloomz supports school language translation into 140+ languages, much greater than the number supported by Parent Square and Classdojo.

With Bloomz, you can have the Most Personalization

Compared to Classdojo and Parent Square, Bloomz has the greatest personalization features and an appealing interface. Bloomz allows you to customize the class names, icons, and banners, while Classdojo and Parent Square only let you do two of the three.

Classdojo and Parent Square do not have an Event RSVP feature

Only on the communication app, Bloomz, members can RSVP to a particular event. They have the option to either accept,decline, or select maybe. Consequently, the creator is notified about the RSVP choice made by the member.

Bloomz has the COVID Health Checks feature to all users, free and premium

Bloomz health checks are now available to all users, while Parent Sqaure has this feature but not for free and Classdojo doesn’t have this feature. With Bloomz, teachers and staff can request parents to check their kids’ health according to a few simple indicators. School administrators can also request staff to track their own health according to these indicators.



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