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    Exude Positive Energy in the Halls and on the Newsfeed

    by Jude Miqueli, on Jun 17, 2017 6:10:49 PM


    Teachers know that young students enjoy working in pairs or small groups. This is because they enjoy talking to each other which in turn promotes learning from one another. If one student is having difficulty reading the other can assist in sounding out words. In the end students make friendships by learning together. This is also true for adults. More specifically adults that are parents to students in the same class. As a teacher how do you get them to talk to each other, work together, and be friends?

    Cultivating a community among parents of your students is made easier with Bloomz. In the past teachers may have had to rely solely on the “room parent” to organize events outside of the classroom to build community. The teacher may never even know these events are taking place. With Bloomz the teacher can also help encourage friendships among parents of their students. You don’t need to organize an event or even work after hours. All you have to do is utilize the app.

    Post pictures of your classroom happenings. It's a simple thing but when parents see pictures, like them, and post positive comments it helps the class as a whole connect in a friendly way. Parents can also post pictures which leads to other parents liking and commenting on their pictures. Much like social communication on apps we use in our everyday life. This digital age is teaching us new ways to interact everyday. For socially awkward folks it helps because if you’ve connected on social media first, there is something to talk about when an in-person meet happens.


    Positive social engagement in a classroom’s digital community also helps boost teacher morale. Throughout a school year there are intricate family and school dynamics that change or evolve. These changes can sometimes bring up difficult emotions. Teachers often find themselves navigating choppy emotional waters with families and staff. In times like these small gestures such as post likes or friendly comments from parents or principals provide uplifting support to a classroom dynamic. When teachers are able to reflect on congenial reactions from their classroom communities it helps maintain a positive outlook and motivation to continue serving the community.

    It feels good to be included. When families feel like they have a voice and are part of the classroom, the community is lifted. In turn, the children are going to be even more successful. A strong classroom community goes a long way in student progress. This is because students can feel and see their support network operating together. With Bloomz teachers create opportunities for more engaged conversations through social engagement. Smiling at people in the halls and liking their posts both have a positive outcome that affects classroom communities in a meaningful way.

    Please tell us how you encourage interactions and positive energy in your school community by adding your comments below.