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Hector Martinez Interview

by Nathan Resick, on Nov 7, 2022 10:30:15 AM

Recently we sat down with Hector Martinez, who just finished his 10th year as Principal of Alex Sanger Elementary in Dallas, TX.

"What makes us unique is we used to be a Pre-K through five school; now, we are a Pre-K to eight school. We've had the opportunity to kind of reinvent ourselves. Bloomz has definitely given us an opportunity to advertise our school in a new way.


Some of the feedback we received when I started as principal was that parents needed our communication to improve. Our school needed a stronger framework - not only for communicating with the parents - but also with the students and community.

Before discovering Bloomz, our school tried both Remind and Class Dojo - they just didn't have all the features we needed. Also because we needed different apps for different reasons, our parents were missing important communications and getting confused. Ultimately we decided as a campus to only use Bloomz.

Many of the Bloomz' tools, (especially the parent conferencing) have been invaluable. With this tool teachers can take pictures or snapshots of students working. With Bloomz, we're able to promote and foster a virtual communication environment where the parents can see their students learning and participating.

Bloomz has definitely transformed our school as far as communication. On a scale of one to ten, I would definitely say Bloomz is a ten."



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