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Chatting with the Head of Education at NY Kids Club & NY Preschool

by Nathan Resick, on Dec 12, 2022 4:29:18 PM

Recently we sat down with Joy Farina Foskett, Head of Education at New York Preschools and the NY Kids Club. (They are an education company with 18 locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.)

"I always say communication is at the forefront; it's a foundation for all we do in early childhood education. Specifically, that communication with our families is the core of building trust, and is at the core of establishing those respectful relationships.


Communication allows us to build that trust. I know as educators, there were always newsletters, paper-based communication, or little portfolios that we would share with families as best as we could. Emails are fine, but this is a real way to centralize photos. It's a way that we could also then build an album, an album for families. It's a way to message groups as well. It really just becomes a personal classroom opportunity. 

Bloomz is our one and only tool that we have used, and we've enhanced it and grown with it as well.

Initially, we might have just used it on a smaller scale, but now we use it for all our communication, parent-teacher conferences, and potluck events. We have also been using Bloomz for COVID health checks which has been great. We've grown by expanding the use of your platform, and all our families have been extremely pleased with the platform and level of communication!