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Keeping Parents Connected - 5 Things to Include in Classroom Updates

by Brianna Richard, on Apr 5, 2021 4:30:00 PM

Classroom updates can be sent out easily on Bloomz. Updating parents on what is going on in the classroom engages parents and gives them the opportunity to reinforce what is going on in class. But what kinds of things should you update your parents about? Here are five ideas to get you started.

damian-zaleski-RYyr-k3Ysqg-unsplash (1)

Announcements of upcoming events

A great starting point is to write about upcoming events. The month of March is National Women’s History Month. How are you planning on celebrating in class? Even if it is as simple as reading an article about a female inventor, tell the parents! They might be able to reiterate and expand upon it at home. Bloomz has a calendar feature. Send out an update telling parents to check the calendar for upcoming events.

Descriptions of upcoming book reports or projects

It is always a good idea to share information about projects and reports with the parents. If you have recently assigned a project or report, give a summary as to what it is all about. When is it due? What are some important details that were communicated to the students about the project? If possible, post a rubric so parents can see what students are being graded on. The more the parents know, the more they are able to help their child. We are all on the same team and want our students to be successful. Sharing information about projects and reports will help students get there!

A brief summary of what is being taught in class

Letting parents know what is being taught in class is powerful. If students are learning the 9’s multiplication facts, parents can review them in the car, office, or at the dinner table. Parents are the students’ first teachers so let us always give parents the opportunity to help teach their kids what is being learned in school.

Links to articles that are important

If you have ever come across a great article that you think would help parents, share the inks! Many families want resources that they can use at home but simply do not know where to look. If you think something is inspiring then your parents will too!

Say thank you!

Parents, teachers, and students all work incredibly hard. While the school year is quickly coming to a close it is always a good idea to say thank you to the parents. You can thank them for bringing in supplies, volunteering on a field trip, or simply just being a great support. A little thank you can go a very long way.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to connect to parents and provide them insight into what is going on in class. Leave a comment and share other things you update your parents on.

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