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    KiNVO vs. Bloomz: Comparing Parent-Teacher Communication Apps

    by Srishti Mangal, on Aug 10, 2022 12:58:38 PM

    Bloomz creates an environment where parents feel more connected than they ever have to their children's world. With easy-to-use communication tools for teachers, outstanding PBIS features, and access to a plethora of unique features, Bloomz has everything in one unified platform.

    KiNVO also aims to streamline all school and district communications. It's a communication tool that makes it safe and easy to manage and archive all district communications in one place. Both school communication apps have one purpose: to bridge the communication gap between teachers, parents, and students. But, which one is the right app for your school or district?

    KiNVO and Bloomz have some Central Features in Common

    These are some features that you would expect every typical communication platform to offer.

    • Messaging
    • Automated Attendance
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Language Translation
    • Scheduling 
    • Free Version of App

    KiNVO does not have PBIS features

    PBIS, a positive behavior management system, has recently surged as the most effective approach to ensure the success of all students. KiNVO does not offer any behavior management features that prioritize positive behavior reinforcement and behavior tracking. However, Bloomz has everything teachers need to track, analyze, and reward students' behavior. With Bloomz behavior tracking is simple; you can customize interactions you want to track, monitor all types of behavior, set goals and track against them, and even redeem points for positive behavior. The parent communication app also offers modes for early learning, elementary, middle school, and beyond, while KiNVO does not. 

    Bloomz has the Optimal Data Analyzing Features

    Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 10.35.31 PM

    With Bloomz, administrators can analyze data across various dimensions: trends by classes, staff, students, interactions, and locations. With more and more classroom data being collected, it is now more important than ever to be able to analyze the data and learn what is working well and what is not. KiNVO fails to offer any comparable feature to this and mostly only focuses on attendance report trends, failing to account for trends across classrooms and staff which are crucial for student and teacher success.

    KiNVO is Missing many Features for Classroom Communication

    Bloomz simplifies health screening through customizable forms, question categorization, automated alerts for positive submissions, and detailed administrator reports. Bloomz also distributes permission slips and forms in the preferred language, with pre-populated student/parent information.

    So, which is the Better School Communication App?

    Even though both apps have many of the same core functionality features, Bloomz outshines KiNVO with its robust PBIS features, health checks tools, and contact-less permission slips.

    If your school or district is interested in learning more about the functionality of Bloomz, please schedule a time with our team for a demo. Our team will walk you through its core capabilities, pricing, and any other questions you may have. Click here to Schedule a Bloomz Demo.