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    Need a Year-End Video Memory for Your Class or Child? You Got It!

    by Horacio Ochoa, on Jun 29, 2017 1:03:19 AM

    Today we released an exciting new feature that many of our users have requested for, we're calling it (for now because, you know, we're at the end of the year) Year-End Videos. This premium feature allows teachers and parents to easily create video stories with the pictures shared in the Bloomz classroom.

    These videos are more than a just slideshow, though - to make them really memorable, we're adding amazing templates to provide an great viewing experience that fits the different stories you want to tell. Our first template provides a beautiful context for the end of the school year, check it out:

    [wpvideo 6GIsiQG4]

    More templates will be coming next school year, so stay tuned for that!

    Creating Your Class Year-End Video (Teachers)

    In order to create a video for your class, simply click on the "+ Create" on your home screen and then "Year-End Video". For a limited time, we are allowing teachers to create their video stories at no cost. After this period, Year-End/Video Stories creation will be a feature that will be available only to Teachers with a Premium subscription, so don't wait - go to your app and take advantage of this free trial!

    Remember, your Teacher Premium subscription includes mobile and bulk downloads for all parents in your class so, if you're on Teacher Premium, they will be able to download your video for free!

    Personalizing Your Class Year-End Video (Parents)

    Parents who wish to personalize their child's class video, and keep a great memory of this year's class forever, can do so by clicking on "+ Create" and then "Year-End Video". Video creation for Parents is also a premium feature - so, parents with the Convenience Pack subscription are immediately able to personalize their class video. In addition to this, in consideration for the end of the school year and for a limited time, we are offering parents a one time purchase of the Year-End Pack,  which gives them Year-End video creation capabilities, along with mobile and bulk downloads for 30 days, all for only $7.99.

    The Year-End pack for parents, along with free Year-End Video trial for teachers, are limited time offers, so take advantage of them and create your amazing videos on Bloomz now!

    Please let us know what you think about these great offers in the comments section below.


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