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    Oversight and Reporting

    by Sahana Hegde, on Oct 23, 2023 3:30:00 PM

    Effective oversight and reporting is crucial for school and district administrators. Without oversight tools, it is often difficult for administrators to know what is happening in their school district. Bloomz provides complete oversight, allowing admins to access all communications and reports from anywhere.

    Bloomz also offers a comprehensive platform of tools and features that allows administrators to seamlessly manage communications, analyze data, and monitor their school communication. An oversight and reporting dashboard helps ensure administrators are always in the loop, no matter where they are.

    Full Control 

    With moderation features offered within the Bloomz app, administrators can customize communications to align with their administrative needs. Bloomz allows educators to block specific communication channels and enable moderation, helping administrators manage their district faster. 

    • Configure Moderation Permissions: Administrators can define whether content requires moderation.
    • Configure Moderation Responsibilities: Define who is responsible for the moderation process.
    • Manage the Moderation Process: Flagged content can be quickly approved or deleted, ensuring a safe and appropriate communication environment.

    Powerful Reports for Informed Decisions

    Data-driven decision-making is crucial for effective educational oversight, and Bloomz simplifies this process with full overview reports. These reports allow administrators to analyze data and turn it into actionable insights instantly. There are many different tools available, including :

    • Engagement Reports: Monitor how teachers drive communication in your institution.
    • Behavior Reports: Monitor behavior trends across your school with standardized and automated tracking.
    • Health Reports: To spot potential outbreaks, stay vigilant about your community's health.
    • Attendance Reports: Effortlessly monitor attendance across all classrooms in a single view.

    Effortless Member Management

    Managing a roster can be complex, but Bloomz simplifies this process with easy-to-use member management tools. Administrators can define roles and permissions, edit member details, merge duplicate accounts, and add new student access with simple editing tools.

    • Member Account Editing Tools: Edit member details like profile pictures, emails, phone numbers, and student information.
    • Duplicate Member Merging Tool: Merge duplicate accounts to ensure a seamless experience for parents and students.
    • Adding New Student Access: Easily incorporate new students into your roster and update their account details.
    • Account Filters for Ease of Use: Simplify data retrieval by filtering parents, students, and account information at the click of a button.

    Dashboards for Error Identification & Content Management

    Administrators can use dashboards to identify technical errors within their school rosters and access reports detailing communication channels, languages, etc. Dashboards ensure that communication remains efficient, accurate, and aligned with the school or district’s goals.

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