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    Scheduling Assignments on Bloomz

    by Horacio Ochoa, on Dec 16, 2020 5:59:10 PM

    Great news, you can now schedule assignments on Bloomz!

    Recently, we released an update to our app that included the ability to schedule assignments you created on Bloomz. With this, teachers can plan for future assignments to be released to students at a specific date and with a due date in mind.

    To do this, simply create an activity or pick an activity you've created in the past:

    Activities Library

    After you pick up an activity and the class or students you'll assign it to, you will see a screen to pick a folder and the options to "Schedule" or "Assign Now" your activity.

    New Schedule Option

    Click "Schedule"  and you'll be able to pick a date and time for when your assignment will be available to your class ("Start Date") and when it is due ("End Date").

    Schedule Activity Dates

    Parents will not receive a notification at this point, but they will once the assignment is available to them. You will be able to access the assignment in a new "Scheduled" section under your assignments tab:

    Scheduled activities

    You'll also notice a new "Completed" section under Assignments. This is the archive where you'll find all the tasks you've marked as completed. All completed tasks are locked and can't be modified by parents or students anymore.

    In your scheduled task, you can also edit the schedule, delete it or assign it right away:

    Pro tip: Here, you can get a shareable link for your assignment and you can use that to create a post or even a calendar event to remind parents and students about this assignment.

    You can learn more about creating activities in our support site here: How do I create an activity as a teacher?

    What do you think about this new functionality on Bloomz? Let us know in the comments below.

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