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    Teacher of the Week - Cynthia Wong

    by Laura Briggs, on May 8, 2017 3:14:21 PM



    Today we kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, a very special time for all of us at Bloomz. We have a deep appreciation for everything teachers do everyday to go above and beyond to help children everywhere. We know they will also do everything in their reach to work together with parents in the students' benefit, which is how we come across so many amazing teachers, and why we want to recognize and honor them.

    During this Teacher Appreciation Week, we will go a little bit off our regular script and feature one teacher every day, starting today with Mrs. Cynthia Wong - an amazing second grade teacher in California who inspires and is inspired by her students every day. Please read about her and don't forget to come back to read more about other amazing teachers.

    1. Why did you become a teacher?

    Even though teaching is my second career, I always wanted to be a teacher!  It is something I am very passionate about – helping our future generations grow, learn, and become wonderful individuals.


    1. What is your greatest teaching moment?

    Every day can be an incredible teaching moment!  I love seeing the “lightbulb” go off and seeing my students soar, meet and exceed their and their parents’ expectations.  One of my favorite things to say to my students is “you have just made me a very happy teacher” and I love that I can say that often.


    1. What is your advice to parents?

    Be a partner with your child’s teacher.  Work together to do what’s best for your child.  Support your child’s teacher and let your child see that.  When parents and teachers work together, everyone wins!


    1. What is your advice for teachers who are just starting out?

    Teaching is one of the most difficult and also one of the most rewarding professions.  If teaching is what you want to do then do your best to be that teacher that you would want your child to have.


    1. What is your favorite children’s book?

    My favorite children’s book is Stellaluna.  I love the message behind it and all students love animals, which helps it to be very engaging.


    1. What do you like best about Bloomz?

    I love how Bloomz helps streamline many of my communication processes.  I can ask for needed supplies, volunteers, schedule conferences, and post regular updates easily!  Bloomz is one of many reasons why I love technology and what it can offer.

    Cynthia Wong received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and graduated with honors from California State University, Long Beach in 2012.  She has experience teaching Kindergarten, first, second, and sixth grades.  She is currently teaching second grade at Kinetic Academy, a brand new charter school in Huntington Beach.  Her school’s focus is on project based learning and STEAM, which is how she came across Bloomz. The teachers and parents at her school all love Bloomz!  Teachers are easily able to communicate with parents regularly and it helps streamline many of the school's communication processes.  Her husband is also in education and he is a high school counselor in Long Beach.  They have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who they love spending our time with and Cynthia loves sharing her love of learning with her.  Cynthia loves to read, loves science, and math.  Cynthia loves inspiring children to learn and helping them to reach their full potential.

    Would you like to share your story with other teachers and all our blog readers? Check out the details and sign up to be a Teacher of the Week here.

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