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The Importance of Summer Reading

by Amber Gunnels, on Jun 17, 2021 1:38:31 PM

Children may be out of school for summer break, but what can parents do on days when their children are bored and don’t have anything to do? Instead of allowing children to spend more time in front of the television watching their favorite show or playing video games, parents can encourage their children to read. For some parents this may be a struggle, so here are four ideas to keep children excited about reading over the summer:

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Buy a Kid’s Magazine Subscription

Capture childrens’ reading engagement by ordering magazines they are interested in. There are many different kid’s magazines including National Geographic Kids, Girl’s Life, Sports Illustrated Kids, Scout Life, Zoobooks, and more! By ordering a magazine subscription, children will be excited to receive something new in the mail each month and look forward to reading additional issues in the future.

Find a Summer Reading Program

Summer reading programs are a great way for children to engage in activities and find encouragement in reading. Reading programs allow students to continue to practice reading even while they are out of school on summer break. You can find a local reading program at the bookstore, library, or even online! Research shows reading programs have positive results in children’s reading ability.

Sing Karaoke

For children who love music, singing lyrics is a great way to help a child practice reading. Children learn how to rhyme, practice rhythm, and pace themselves while reading. Karaoke can be fun for the whole family and make lasting memories singing and laughing together.

Take Turns Reading Pages from a Book

Take some time to relax on the couch-- reading a good book together can also make some lasting memories. Each person can take turns reading a page aloud and talking about parts of the story. Not only is this good for family bonding, it is also a great way for children to practice pronouncing words and comprehending what they listen to and read.

What other suggestions do you have to incentivize summer reading? Tell us in the comments below.

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