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    Tip: Groups Help You Get Organized And Save Time

    by Bloomz, on May 18, 2015 3:45:13 AM

    If you were to ask me what the most underrated feature is on the Bloomz app I would say hands down- Groups.  As educators, we get so caught up in managing our day to day calendar, updates, volunteers, etc. that filtering our classes to make information distribution lists once again seem like a chore.  Chances are this could be a feeling of déjà vu…  When teachers first download the app, they tend to think it will be more work.  In fact we hear over and over again how surprised and thankful they are that they ended up finding such a time saving product.  Groups work in just the same way.

    To create a group in Bloomz, groups, go to the menu screen.  You will find groups listed under classes.  You will see-

    + Add…

    When you select it you can choose to associate it with a community (optional), then give it a name and description. Hit save.

    Your group will now work just like your classroom.  You can customize the group with a profile pic as well as a cover photo.  Add dates to your group calendar.  Share photos and ask for volunteers…

    Here are some ideas on how to utilize the group feature-

    1. startup-594090_1280Staff Groups-
    • Set up a school staff group to have your days off, meetings and in-services all in one calendar.
    • Set up reminders so you will have 100% attendance without someone forgetting.
    • Use group posts to request subs. This way you know everyone received the notification, and will be notified when someone responds.
    • Share curriculum ideas or education resources


    1. girl-597503_1280Specific Grade Levels-
    • For those that have split level classes, there is no need for parents to have to filter through two grades worth of information
    • Have grade specific events on the calendar
    • Share photos of field trips


    1. female-702961_1280Training Programs-
    • For schools that have teacher training programs, each class can manage their calendar, share photos, plan study groups, and request help and information right through the app


    1. catcher-632974_1280Off subject, but still important: Sports Teams-
    • Many teachers are parents themselves. Personally I have created groups for my son’s baseball, basketball and soccer teams.
    • Manage the practice and game calendar with reminders so you don’t forget
    • Share game day photos
    • Plan snack schedule
    • Request carpools or last minute pickups
    • Ask for parent volunteers, to umpire, run a scoreboard, or be a timekeeper

    We also have established two public groups- Montessori Educators and Catholic Educators groups.  We have created these to collaborate with other educators, seek advice, share knowledge, and connect to others across the nation.  If you are a Montessori Teacher or a Catholic Educator and would like to be a member of either group, please send an email to requesting admission, and I will be happy to add you.

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