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Top 10 Ways to Get Your Parents to Sign-up on Bloomz - Easily!

by Laura Briggs, on Aug 27, 2016 2:12:22 PM



Grab the attention of today's connected parents by using strategies suggested by teachers! We all know that the beginning of the school year is very busy for teachers and parents as well. Use some of these ideas to begin using Bloomz at the start of the school year for getting all parents in your class to sign-up. Unlock your teacher to parent communication with Bloomz as your key!

Talk with Parents at Back-to-School or Curriculum Nights

If you have a presentation for parents, include a time to talk about Bloomz and how it will help your parents stay informed and be involved with what their child is doing in class. Explain about photos, calendar events with reminders, signing up for parent conferences, volunteering, and supply requests. Also let parents know about Student Timelines and Behavior Management so they can review these with their child.

Do you have parent emails already? Invite them via email

Parents will all receive notifications and as you start to communicate, they will naturally join. Over 80% of parents join the class in less than 12 days if invited via email and regularly communicated via Bloomz. Teachers can get the class list of email addresses from their school information system to be able to invite parents by email before school starts.

Tell parents how Bloomz translates into over 80 languages

Parents who speak other languages than English will feel comfortable getting messages in their spoken language. They can choose the language when they register.

Have a “Classroom Hunt” with Bloomz signups being one of the stations

If your Back-to-School Night or Open House is bustling, consider having a game where parents and students tour around the room and complete short tasks at different stations. Having a task card with step-by-step directions available with everything the parent needs to create an account and join your class could be one station activity.

Set up a Table in the hall during parent conferences or Open House for parents to sign-up

Depending on your schedule and if you may have parents waiting in the hallway for conferences, consider setting up a table in the hall so parents can register and join while they wait.

Review with parents at Conferences to help them get connected

When sitting down to talk with parents, take just a few minutes to tell them about Bloomz and offer to help them register and join your class so they will not miss out.

Use the letter within the Bloomz App to help parents Join your class

There is a convenient letter for parents all ready for teacher to open and print for parents with the class access code and SMS/Text information. Include Bloomz in a Welcome Back letter to parents. When sending your welcome letter, add the in-app direction sheet or explain in your letter how to sign up for Bloomz

Explain to parents that Bloomz is an integral part of your classroom

Talking with parents works well so they know why you are using Bloomz and that using the app will be important all year long. Letting them know that they need to check Bloomz each day for information and their child’s class items on the student timeline along with behavior information can help them know about the ways you will be using the app in class and that there may not be many worksheets coming home.

Add a welcome post, some events, and several photos before inviting parents so they can have something to see when they join

As you set up your class before inviting parents, add a class profile photo along with a cover photo. Add some events to the calendar and some photos for posts so parents can see and explore after joining.

Create a “Stay Connected” Poster so Parents can Join Bloomz

Create a poster that has teacher email address and other information, such as absentee phone number, along with how to join Bloomz. This will be a great visual for parents to see so that they can be a part of your class or school community.

Create a Refrigerator Magnet as a Visual for Parents and Students

Print a custom magnet with the Bloomz logo and wording about checking Bloomz each evening for information and student work and behavior. Students will be so very proud to talk about what they have learned.

Thank you to the members of the Bloomz Teachers Facebook Group!

If you have additional ideas, please add them in the comments below.

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