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Streamline PBIS Data with Bloomz

Build your school community through open communication and positive reinforcement with Bloomz' Behavior and Reports features.

Bloomz has everything you need to track, analyze and reward students' behavior:

Record behavior in class or really anywhere in the school

Using Bloomz behavior tracking feature in any of three different modes (flowers, monsters or neutral).


Track behavior school-wide with customizable reports

Bloomz school-wide reports give you comprehensive, useful and actionable data.


Save time with automated flags to provide feedback and rewards

With Bloomz you can create flags to automatically reward students based on demonstrated behavior and save time.


Plus, a powerful platform for parent engagement


It’s really easy to keep parents informed – a quick note or snapshot a day will do the trick!


Keep parents on top of the school calendar so they participate in events or volunteer opportunities.


Send real-time communication home, including examples of student’s behavior and work.

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Build Community and Parent Engagement

Bloomz is the only communication platform with everything you need to create a community around your school or district, including PBIS-Ready behavior tracking to reinforce positive conduct and build a stronger relationships.

If you're interested in tracking Behavior throughout your school or district...

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