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    7 Ways to Support Student Success with the PTA

    by Brianna Richard, on Jul 1, 2021 11:47:21 AM

    Teachers, administration, families, and the PTA all have a common goal, to support student success. There are many strategies to assist students to become successful and reach their full potential. Many of these strategies stem from collaboration and partnership between families, teachers, and administrators. A positive and synergetic partnership within the school community has been proven to be one of the best ways to help students be successful. Here is a list of 7 ways your PTA and Bloomz can help support students to be successful from the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.


    1. Parents and teachers discuss progress regularly.

    Parent and teacher communication is of the utmost importance. Communication doesn’t have to be lengthy, daily newsletters. It can be quick updates communicated easily through Bloomz. Feedback on student portfolios, messaging, and shared calendar features all help communication to be easy and instantaneous.

    2. Student assignments have a learning objective linked to a standard.

    Teachers are often experts in the Common Core State Standards as they spend countless hours looking over them each week. Let’s give parents the opportunity to be experts as well. Regular discussions can happen within the school community and the PTA can assist in educating families about the standards. Discussing student assignments and their relationship to the standards can help parents and students better understand the learning goal.

    3. Utilizing standardized testing scores for achievement

    Each year students are given standardized tests. These results should be used to inform instruction and help students to achieve goals. The PTA can assist families in learning how to understand standardized testing data through workshops and collaborative discussions. Teachers can communicate scores and goals through parent teacher conferences.

    4. Sharing School Progress

    Our students and teachers work hard throughout the year and make so much progress. That progress should be shared and celebrated! The PTA can collaborate with the administration on regular meetings to share school progress. Progress can also be shared easily and instantaneously with Bloomz!

    5. Engaging Families with Classroom Learning

    Engaging families with classroom learning can make classroom experiences that are powerful and create lifelong memories! The PTA can help teachers and parents work together so that parents can help in the classroom. The PTA can create a guide for teachers on parents who are experts in certain areas and topics. The PTA can help set up times for parents to visit the school and engage in classroom learning. Shared calendar features on Bloomz can make this easy and simple.

    6. Assisting families in developing the ability to strengthen learning at home

    Raising kids is not a walk in the park! As children get older new challenges and harder school curriculum arise. The PTA can help families by coordinating public speakers or workshops to help families strengthen parenting skills which in turn supports students.

    7. Promoting After School Learning

    Learning shouldn’t just happen in the classroom! Learning should happen after school as well. The PTA can provide information for families on ongoing learning events and afterschool activities. The Bloomz calendar is a great way to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

    These are just a few ways the PTA and school staff can work together to support students to be successful. Do you have another idea? Leave it as a comment below!


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