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    Sitting down with Ben Lawalin, principal at Lincoln Trail Elementary in Lamar, IN

    by Nathan Resick, on May 26, 2022 4:32:06 PM

    Recently we sat down with Ben Lawalin, principal at Lincoln Trail Elementary in Lamar, IN. Mr. Lawalin tells us about his experience increasing parent engagement with Bloomz and why he recommends it.

    "Before Bloomz, we basically had a random Hodge Podge of different systems which we wanted to unify. It was important to us that parents who had children in two or three different grade levels could all use the same platform.


    Lincoln Trail elementary is a national blue ribbon school, so we've been fortunate enough to be recognized as one of the best elementary schools in the United States. We have excellent test scores. We're a high performing, high achieving school. And I would attribute a lot of our success to parental support. Not just support, but also parental participation.

    Our parents are very involved in our school, and the number one reason for this is Bloomz. Bloomz has totally transformed not only how we communicate, but also how we're frequently we communicate. Bloomz has been a great return on our investment in that we get to connect daily with families, sharing with them some aspects of our day. This new form of communication has been valuable, especially in such a time of uncertainty.

    I would highly recommend Bloomz for your school or district!"