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Blackboard Connect Vs Bloomz

by Nathan Resick, on Dec 20, 2022 5:30:00 PM

Blackboard Connect is a rudimentary mass notification system that lets you send updates and emergency alerts to everyone in your community through emails, phone calls, text messages, and social media channels. Like with Bloomz, you can upload photos and videos and create groups. 

Apple Store App Reviews:

blackboard-reviews   bloomz-reviews
Blackboard Connect: 2 stars   Bloomz: 4.6 stars


Deliverability reports are missing from the Blackboard Connect app's messaging features; Bloomz allows you to see who did and didn't get your msgs so you can reach out to them with other methods. Also missing is an analytics dashboard so you can get a good look into your school's communications at a glance. Bloomz also allows you to automatically translate among languages, a fantastic feature that gives you new access to ESL parents - increasing school engagement.

Inclusive Language Translation

With Bloomz, two-way AI powered translation in 108+ languages ensures information reaches all families on day #1 in their preferred language and modality (App, TEXT, Email, Voice). The original message is always available for viewing.

Of course, Bloomz isn't just a messaging app and also has powerful features like PBIS, attendance reports, grades, student portfolios, and more! To find out if Bloomz is suitable for your school or district, visit our contact us page to schedule a demo.