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    Introducing Bloomz Academy

    by Nathan Resick, on Nov 21, 2023 2:26:55 PM


    We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative - Bloomz Academy! This online school has been specially created to empower parents, students, admins, and teachers with comprehensive training. With Bloomz Academy, we aim to provide in-depth courses tailored to different user roles and needs.

    1. Courses for Administrators: Designed to equip school administrators with the skills needed to efficiently manage Bloomz at an institutional level. Learn how to create a thriving community, streamline communication, and unlock powerful administrative features to support your school's goals.
    2. Courses for Teachers: Explore how Bloomz can revolutionize classroom communication. From scheduling meetings and group messaging to sharing updates and setting up portfolios, our courses are designed to make your teaching experience more efficient by ensuring you are using ALL of Bloomz's different features.
    3. Courses for Parents: Dive into various courses designed to help parents navigate the wealth of resources Bloomz offers. Learn how to effectively communicate with teachers, participate in class activities, receive meaningful updates, and actively engage in your child's educational journey.
    4. Courses for School Administrators: These specialized courses address school administrators' unique challenges. Gain insights on implementing Bloomz system-wide, promoting usage within your school community, and aligning it with your institution's objectives.
    5. Courses for Students: Get everything you need to get started with Bloomz and nothing you don't. This is a great resource to share with your students to help them better understand the platform.
    6. Courses on Specific Features and Tools: Did you ever wonder how to best use features like behavior tracking, conference sign-ups, or instant messaging? Our targeted lessons will guide you through the full potential of Bloomz, ensuring you get the most out of each tool.

    These resources will not only empower you to navigate our platform more effectively but also enable you to discover innovative ways to enhance parent-teacher collaboration.

    Click Here to Visit Bloomz Academy