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    Bloomz Makes For A Stress Free Curriculum Night

    by Jude Miqueli, on Oct 9, 2017 8:10:34 PM


    At curriculum night parents and guardians meet the classroom teachers to learn about grade level curriculum and expectations for the school year. Before I implemented Bloomz as a means for parent communication I was a bit apprehensive about curriculum night. I was more accustomed to standing in front of children so I feared being faced with the staring eyes of adults waiting for me to share how I will profoundly impact their child's learning. Gulp! My heart would pound and my palms would sweat as I listed the ways in which I incorporated the multiple intelligences throughout my integrated curriculum.

    In the past, curriculum night was the first time I would meet some of the parents. Now that I use Bloomz my relationship with my parent group has grown exponentially before curriculum night. I've had the weeks prior to school to prime parents with information about curriculum and my class. Parents have "liked" or made positive comments on my newsfeed posts. Additionally, I've answered countless parent questions via the Bloomz messaging center. When school started, I began sharing information about my class with parents.

    Check out this list of the information I have shared prior to curriculum night!

    • A video to introduce myself
    • Homework policy
    • Work samples on student timelines
    • A curriculum break down for two weeks of school
    • Field trip chaperones
    • Library schedule
    • Scholastic Book Club order code
    • Snack weeks
    • Birthday celebration policy
    • A post aknowledging classroom anxiety and the importance of social-emotional intelligence

    Because of Bloomz my parent group can see how I am documenting their child's learning. They have already viewed curriculum and had questions answered. I have taken steps to assure that my parent group trusts and likes me. This curriculum night isn't my first impression. Our relationship has developed and now I feel excited to go into curriculum night! It doesn't feel like I'm making a presentation to a group of strangers. I feel more comfortable going in because we have been engaging in dialogue on Bloomz since late August. I can focus more on being myself and sharing my excitement for teaching. After curriculum night is over I'm going to sit down and write out what went well, and what I would change for next year. I will put that information in a curriculum night file to assure that next year is even better.

    What are your thoughts going into curriculum night this year? If it has already happened how did your curriculum night go? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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