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Chatting with Collin Brooks, the Director of Communications at Johnson City Schools in TN

by Nathan Resick, on Oct 21, 2022 3:41:34 PM

Recently we sat down with Collin Brooks, the Director of Communications at Johnson City Schools in northeast Tennessee. Johnson City Schools is a district of about 8,000 students in a city of about 75,000 people that is growing quickly. 

"We're about at 33% free or reduced lunch, so our demographics at Johnson City Schools vary across the board. We have one high school, two middle schools, and a virtual academy that serves grades six through twelve. We also have eight elementary schools.


We were getting complaints from parents like, hey, "when I'm at this school for my 3rd grader, they're using this one communications platform, and when I'm in this other school for my 6th grader, they are using a completely different app. It's all very confusing for parents. So we brought our communications committee together and looked at other platforms.

ClassDojo, Seesaw, Parent Square - we had them all. From the research we did as a team, Bloomz was the only one that met every single criteria our teachers were asking for. What it's been able to do is give us one platform to show parents how to use, and it grows with them as they go from Pre-K, all the way to High School.

One particularly nice feature of Bloomz is 'the Feed.' If you're familiar with Facebook or Twitter, the Bloomz Feed looks very similar. (And that's how I explain it to our teachers and parents.) With Bloomz, parents can also choose to have communications come through text, email, or just through the app. 

Bloomz is easy to use from an administrative standpoint and also very easy to show people how to use. Bloomz has been a great centralized place for us to unify communication, and our district has been very happy with the app."



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