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Chatting with Sherri Wolf, Director at Woodside Christian School

by Nathan Resick, on Sep 22, 2022 2:21:17 PM

Recently we sat down for a chat with Sherri Wolf, Director at Woodside Christian School in Yardley, PA. Sherri tells us about her experience increasing parent engagement with Bloomz and why she recommends our parent communication app.


"Woodside Christian is a private Christian preschool, and we serve children ages three, four, and five. Our school is unique because we are entering our 33rd year. Our school faced many problems related to the pandemic, and we needed to create conditions where families didn't need to come into the building. We definitely needed a better communication solution than the previous year. So the goal was to figure out, "how can we stay connected to our parents?"

le window, a little picture of their child's day? How do we develop good communication with them? Our school looked at a lot of apps before we found Bloomz. Apple Teacher was considered, and Seesaw was another company we looked into. We needed a way to communicate with the whole school and a way the teachers could communicate individually with their parents. Thankfully, Bloomz was able to step in and fill this gap.

One particularly great feature is the ability to communicate individually with parents. That was helpful. I also liked that whatever you were trying to do, there's a little video explaining how to do it.

Last year was unique for everybody in education (and for everybody everywhere.) Bloomz was a great return on our investment in that we got to connect daily with families, sharing with them some aspects of our day, what has been happening, etc. That kind of transparency has been precious, especially during a time when people felt so uncertain. It was beneficial for parents to see that, yes - we're doing great, your child is doing great, we're having fun, and we're learning new things. I can't recommend Bloomz highly enough!"




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