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Chatting with the Federal Programs Specialist for Round Rock ISD

by Nathan Resick, on Jul 18, 2023 4:50:00 PM

We recently sat down with Bertha Benedict, Federal Programs Specialist for the Round Rock ISD in Round Rock, TX. We sat down for an interview to discuss Bloomz and her experience with the app so far.

"So I am the director for bilingual and ESL programs and budget manager for Title Three, immigrant funds, and bilingual education allotment. What makes our district unique is that we have 97 languages spoken in our school district. And so it's very diverse. Not all campuses are very diverse, but the district is generally very diverse. We need to communicate with our customers. After all, our parents are our customers because we do whatever it takes to support them. We need to communicate with them in their native language, within the language they prefer, or in the language they understand most, which is very important to us.


We did try an interpretation system, but that was to communicate back and forth with a parent. But when sending out information like posts, alerts, or calendar events, we send them out untranslated. We would then put that message on our website, where the parent could change the language, but few languages were available.

As far as what I love about Bloomz? The customer service department immediately responds to our needs, which has been great. We also love the number of languages provided for parents to pick from. Parents having access to easy language translation has really helped our communication with parents.

I feel like all my needs were addressed with Bloomz; for example, wanting messages and alerts to be one-way communication. I don't want to send some posts and then receive 8000 emails back with questions. I don't have the capacity, and I don't have a team to answer that many emails or questions. So Bloomz was able to work with me on modifying the system to exactly what our needs were. Very happy with Bloomz!