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Featured Teacher: Aneta Lasek

by Bloomz, on May 15, 2015 10:04:51 AM

We were overwhelmed with the responses we received about our Featured Teacher Blogs during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Because we believe teaching is the noblest profession of all, and educators don’t get near the recognition they deserve, we will be doing a weekly featured teacher throughout the year!

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Aneta Lasek came into my life as a parent of one of my students.  Being a trained Montessori Teacher herself, we became fast friends… I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.  She is able to command a room better than anyone I have worked with.  Her classroom and materials she makes are beautiful… She takes such pride in her job, and the children in her class love her.  Here are a few things her kids had to say about her…

“Ms. Aneta is the best.”

“”I love her.”

“I love it when she sings at circle.”

“She gives good hugs.”

“She helps me.”

I sat down with her to ask her a few questions about her life as a teacher, and this is what she had to say.

M: Why did you choose to become a teacher?

A: I don’t think I chose it.  It was always in me.  I just always knew I would be a teacher.  I taught my cousins and other kids- helping them with their homework.  It is just in me.

M: What is your most satisfying teaching moment?

A:  Definitely the first time I taught a child to read.  Seeing their amazement and excitement that they were able to do it.  Seeing how proud they were…

M: Do you have a funny classroom story?

A: Here’s one… We were studying the solar system, and we were using plastic models to learn the names of the planets.  One day, a child was not being very gentle with one of the planets, and cracked it.  An older child who already knew the names of the planets, as well as the rules of the classroom, came running over holding the planet in his hand.  He promptly notified me that the work was broken by saying- “Ms. Aneta…. there is a crack in Uranus!”

M: What is your best advice to parents?

A: Listen to what your child is telling you even if they aren’t using their words.  They are still using their bodies to communicate.  Take a moment to stop and listen.  And read to your children.  And follow your child.

M: What do you like most about teaching?

A: My students! To see how they grow and change.  Getting to stay with them for 3-4 years, their change and growth is amazing to observe.  To see a child discover something and see their happiness is amazing.

M:. Your suggestions to other aspiring teachers?

A: Find a good mentor.  Find a person you can always go and ask questions.  Have a good support system and people you can work with.  It’s always better when you work with a group.

M: What’s harder parenting or teaching?

A: Parenting!  Because parenting isn’t a job and you don’t get to leave at the end of the day.  It can be tricky to learn to keep your work and family separate when you work with young children and you have young ones at home.

M: Favorite kids book?

A: The Secret Lives of Princesses by: Philippe Lechermeier


Aneta Lasek is originally from Poland.  She has two children, Maia who is 11 and Julian, 9.  She has been teaching Montessori for 6 years, and generally for 14.  She also holds her Masters Degree in Linguistics and Literature.  She is a teacher trainer as well.  She loves musical theater and art.  Both are hugely important to her.

If you know a teacher that deserves to be recognized, and would like to see them featured on our blog, please send their information to

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