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    Get Your Grade Level Team On Board With Bloomz

    by Jude Miqueli, on Aug 31, 2020 4:34:42 PM

    Your grade-level team will be ready for remote learning when everyone communicates with Bloomz like you do. Let's get them on board so that your team is a cohesive unit! 

    Many teachers are going to be working in tandem, as a team this year. All schedules, curriculum and platforms will be aligned. Some teachers are planning to join live classes and team teach, teach individually in large and small groupings and sometimes share students. For example, one teacher might do the reading lessons one week and the other may do the math lessons. This is all in an effort to support one another during this new educational experience, as well as, offer a high- quality equitable program for all students.

    The benefits of having Bloomz for your entire grade level team include sharing a common calendar, co-planning to create activities/assignments, standardizing common positive behavior acknowledgements and even planning for events or requesting volunteers. Parents NEED teachers to align with remote instruction. We know that this is a time of many uncertainties. We also realize that each of us have demands that are influencing our lives in some challenging ways. Making remote learning as stress free and uncomplicated as possible is our goal as teachers. This means aligning our communication tools as a grade level team. 

    Here are some more ways Bloomz for grade level teams benefits students and families.

    Organizing schedules and managing up to seven classes can be tough for pre-teens and adolescents. Middle and High School students will benefit when all of their teachers use Bloomz because they will have every class in one single application.

    Create an assignment and share it with your whole grade level team! Elementary School Teacher Teams can collaborate by rotating activity creation to save time. Find relevant activities already created by teachers around the world! 

    Teacher Assignments-1

    If your classes are playing together at recess or eating within the same lunchroom, you'll want everyone to be doing routine CDC aligned Health Checks in Bloomz. Be aware of your extended community's health report and provide your entire grade level team with piece of mind. 


     Here are some resources to share:

    -Bloomz Demo for Schools logoblue1
    -Teacher Training PPT 👍
    -Teacher Tutorials 🎦
    -Image Pack/downloads 🌈
    -Parent Tutorials ✅

    Invite your colleagues today, help them sign up, and give a quick demo!