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    Growth Update from Bloomz

    by Horacio Ochoa, on Apr 15, 2020 6:01:18 PM

    Photo by  Hello I'm Nik  on  Unsplash

    These are unprecedented times for all and, here at Bloomz, we hope everyone is staying healthy and following social distancing rules to keep it that way. For those who are affected or have a loved one who's being affected by the COVID-19 virus or it's impact in our daily lives, our thoughts are with you all.

    Among all the uncertainty and change, we have seen many schools find in Bloomz a solution to help them stay in touch with students and parents at home. This increase in traffic and usage came at a price too, and for a few days we were challenged with unplanned downtime and gaps in service. We know that this caused interruptions in communication at the worst time possible, which is why our team jumped on it quickly and restlessly worked to address them. As painful as that process was for us, we are comforted by the outcome as the app is now running at much faster speeds and with more reliability and stability than ever before (a 750% improvement in performance, to be precise).

    To give you an idea of the challenge we faced, we thought of sharing some numbers that could provide some context of the changes we've seen in our customers' behavior. Here are a couple of data points:

    New Users

    The last few weeks we have seen a flood of new users coming to our platform. We saw a jump of 287% in new daily users during the months of March and April, compared to the first two months of the year.


    As more schools have been reacting to potential and eventual school closures, our platform saw also a significant increase in messaging. Earlier in January, we were seeing an average of just over 99,000 messages per day in Bloomz. This number increased by 103% in March and we saw about 7.5 Million messages sent in the last month alone.

    Video uploads

    With remote learning in full swing, the amount of video has also increased significantly, as teachers try to reach parents and students at home with a more personal approach than just text. The amount of daily videos users uploaded into our platform grew by 220% in the last month compared to the beginning of the year. This is particularly important as videos pose a much higher burden on our back end compared to text messages.

    We are humbled by the support many of our users have shown us in the past few weeks and we appreciate you trust Bloomz as your preferred platform for communication in your classroom and school. As we all face uncertainty in the near future, you can count on Bloomz to be there to support your school for better communication and increased parent engagement.

    Thank you,