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How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed School Communication

by Nathan Resick, on Sep 4, 2023 5:14:00 PM

As any parent or teacher could tell you, the school systems were an unorganized mess in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. With almost no notice, parents and students found themselves at the center of a national experiment in new ways of teaching and learning. There were new challenges nobody would have imagined, and changes had to be made on the fly. Schools had to end semesters early and decide what to do with grades. Children who depended on school lunches in poorer areas were going hungry. Changes needed to be implemented immediately. 

As education shifted from traditional classroom settings to remote learning, effective communication between schools, parents, and students became more critical than ever. 

Transition to Remote Learning

shutterstock_1746069479The lockdown and social distancing measures drove schools to look for digital solutions, ultimately leading to a massive rise in the use of school communication apps. Bloomz emerged as one of the most popular choices due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

During the pandemic, schools needed a centralized platform to disseminate critical updates and announcements swiftly. School communication apps provided a streamlined solution, enabling school administrators to instantly share time-sensitive information regarding class schedules, assignment changes, school closures, health guidelines, and more. Parents and students could access these updates using their smartphones or computers, ensuring they stayed informed regardless of physical location.

School closures brought unique challenges for families, as parents had to step into the role of facilitators for their children's education. Bloomz empowered parents to engage in their child's academic journey from home actively. The app's multimedia capabilities allowed teachers and parents to share photos, videos, and classroom highlights, maintaining a sense of connectedness despite physical separation. This helped parents understand the curriculum, facilitate discussions, and stay current with their child's learning progress.

Check out the above interview to hear how one principal handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bridging the Education Gap

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth an urgent need for efficient school communication systems. School communication apps like Bloomz quickly rose to prominence, serving as powerful tools to bridge the gap between schools, teachers, students, and parents. The comprehensive features offered by Bloomz facilitated real-time updates, strengthened parent-teacher communication, enhanced family involvement, and streamlined administrative tasks. As we adapt to the new standard, school communication apps like Bloomz continue to reshape how education stakeholders connect, collaborate, and thrive in an increasingly digital world.