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Liveschool Vs. Bloomz PBIS

by Nathan Resick, on Oct 27, 2022 4:37:04 PM

Liveschool has been a prominent app in the PBIS space for a few years now; they have brought in schools with features like "house points" - that allow groups of students to compete against each other, which fosters engagement. They also have charts and graphs (they call them "insights" as well as behavior recap summaries, and a "reward store" where students can cash in behavior points for goodies or favors.

While parents like some of these behavior tools, they have complained that the app could be more precise, has login and registration issues, and makes it impossible for parents to communicate with teachers. Users are also frustrated that the app needs to notify them of updates, making it hard to stay on top of what is happening. Liveschool is also significantly more expensive than other comparable PBIS tools, ruling it out as an option for many schools and districts.

Bloomz has all the tools your school or district needs to track, analyze, and reward students' behavior in one unified platform. Enhance your school community today through open communication and positive reinforcement! 


With Bloomz, you have Access to Advanced PBIS Features:

  • Behavior Tracking in Class or Anywhere in School
  • Goal Setting and Tracking Against Goals
  • Multimodal Learning Tools for Grades
  • Create Teams within Classrooms
  • School-wide Standards Setting
  • Flag Automation for Sending / Recieving Feedback
  • Capture Behavior Data for All Student 

If you are interested in learning more about Bloomz and PBIS tools, click here to schedule a demo with a Bloomz representative.



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