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Minimizing Teacher and Student Stress Using Technology

by Brianna Richard, on May 20, 2021 11:35:45 AM

Teachers across the United States have had quite the school year as education has been turned completely upside down. Teachers have bounced back and forth between distance learning, in-person learning, and in some schools done both at the same time. They have navigated new forms of technology, upheld new standards of cleanliness in the classroom, and have also juggled new jobs like school counselor and nurse. (Panlilio & Tirrell-Corbin , 2021)


COVID-19 has affected every facet of education and has also been a source of trauma for teachers and students alike. The Trauma Sensitive Pedagogy or TSP project is a classroom program that gives schools the tools to work with children who have experienced trauma. TSP has conducted data and found that both teachers and students have experienced a high amount of trauma since the start of COVID. Teachers are experiencing STS or Secondary Traumatic Stress from supporting families and assisting in finding resources. So how can our communities support both students and teachers to minimize stress and the effects of trauma? Here are 3 ideas all using technology that can help. ( Panlilio & Tirrell-Corbin , 2021)

Meditation Apps and Videos:

Meditation apps can help both teachers and students mitigate stress. Headspace is a fantastic option that is free for educators! Spending a few minutes a day can encourage mindfulness and give teachers the tools they need to deal with trauma and stress. Meditation can improve sleep, focus, and combat negative self-talk. Students can also mediate and learn ways to be mindful. If students are in person, after lunch is a great time to meditate. It can help students cool down after playing outside and refocus in order to have a great rest of the day.

Headspace for educators:

Yoga Apps and Videos:

Yoga is another great way to manage stress and help cultivate mindfulness skills. There are a ton of great free resources online but one of the best might be Go Noodle.

Go Noodle is a free program for schools. There are a collection of yoga videos available that can be done with the class. I often like to participate and do Yoga with my class so we can all work on mindfulness and stress reduction together. The videos have themes such as finding your inner warrior and learning to control your thoughts.

Go Noodle:

Mindfulness Exercises:

Smiling Mind is a great way to promote mindfulness. Smiling Mind was originally created for kids but there is a ton of material for adults! There are a variety of mediations but also other mindfulness activities like journaling, thinking about where our food comes from and counting senses. Mindfulness activities are another great way students and teachers can work on mitigating stress and trauma together. According to Smiling Mind, research shows that spending just five minutes a day can have a lifelong impact.

Smiling Mind:

All of these resources can be shared easily with families. Encourage students and families to practice at home!





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