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[New Parent Series]Tip 4: Use Predictable Routines

by Horacio Ochoa, on Mar 7, 2017 2:00:00 AM

In the fourth tip of our Parent Series to help parents stay engaged with their child’s education, we provide some thoughts on using consistent, predictable activities that help their kids' know what to do, and what to expect, so they can stay on task and focused.

Parent Tips & Tricks- Organize predictable routines.jpg

An organized routine can help maximize the potential of your child’s education. It can help their self-esteem, sense of security, confidence in you and their teachers, their ability to stay rested and healthy, and it teaches consistency.

Establish a smooth liftoff and soft landing to each day. Prepare school outfits the night before, and have a healthy breakfast for your child before you go to work. Send them a healthy lunch and snacks too. After school, set aside 10-20 minutes every day where you ask your child specific questions and let them talk about their day, so you can be fully present with them before moving on to other things. Also designate a set time for them each day to routinely empty their bag and work on any homework.

Provide calm time for your child to relax in the afternoon or evening, have dinner at a reasonable hour, and enforce bedtimes. Also, make sure to create a system that allows your child to stay home if they are sick. When your children are organized and consistent at home, they will be at school as well.

We hope you are enjoying this series of tips, please provide any additional tips for engaged parenting in the comments section below. If you want to check the entire series, click here.

Why this series?

We at Bloomz are all about parental engagement. That’s why we have developed the most complete app to help teachers connect with parents in a secure, easy way. That’s also why we’ve expanded our app to connect Childcare centers with parents, keeping them informed and on top of their kids’ daily activities. These tips are a small contribution to help parents stay connected and engaged with their kids’ education.

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