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    Parental Engagement In Immigrant Families & Promoting Student Academic Success

    by Nathan Resick, on Aug 30, 2023 4:09:43 PM


    We have released a new PDF white paper titled "Parental Engagement In Immigrant Families & Promoting Student Academic Success" which delves into the increasing number of students with immigrant parents in the United States and the implications for education.

    It provides a historical overview of bilingual education in the country, highlighting the challenges faced and the importance of linguistic diversity. The paper also examines how schools can effectively communicate with ESL parents, including the use of translation software and the implementation of inclusive parent-teacher meetings. Additionally, it discusses the cultural norms and expectations of immigrant families, the challenges they face, and the importance of representation in education. This white paper serves as a comprehensive guide for educational institutions seeking to support and engage with immigrant students and their families.

    Download "Parental Engagement in Immigrant Families" PDF