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How Bloomz PBIS is Driving Student (and Parent) Engagement

by Nathan Resick, on Jun 5, 2023 10:11:55 AM

As a parent, you want to stay involved in your child's education, but sometimes it can be challenging to keep track of what is happening in the classroom. That's where the Bloomz parent teacher communication app comes in. Not only does it help keep parents up to date with what's going on in the classroom, but it also has a powerful tool that improves student performance: the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) behavior management tool.

behavior-management-2PBIS is an evidence-based framework that helps schools improve student behavior and academic achievement. It's an approach that focuses on teaching and reinforcing positive behavior rather than just punishing negative behavior. By emphasizing the positive, PBIS creates a positive school culture that supports academic and social success.

The Bloomz PBIS behavior management tool puts the principles of PBIS into action. Here's how it works:

Teachers can create customizable behavior goals for their students, such as "participating in class discussions" or "showing respect to classmates."
Teachers track student progress toward these goals using a simple point system. Students earn points for demonstrating positive behavior and lose points for negative behavior.
Parents can log in to the Bloomz app to see how their child is doing in terms of behavior and overall progress toward their goals.
As a parent, you can use this information to reinforce positive behavior at home and to work with your child's teacher to address areas where your child may be struggling. For example, if you see that your child is struggling with staying on task during class, you can work with the teacher to come up with strategies to help them stay focused and engaged. With the Bloomz PBIS behavior management tool, parents, teachers, and students can work together to improve behavior and academic performance.

The benefits of using the Bloomz PBIS behavior management tool are many. For teachers, it helps them keep track of student behavior and progress toward goals, so they can offer tailored support when it's needed. For parents, it gives them insight into their child's behavior, so they can reinforce positive behavior at home and work with the teacher to address negative behavior.

For students, the Bloomz PBIS behavior management tool is a powerful motivator. By setting goals and tracking progress, students can see their own growth and feel a sense of accomplishment as they earn points for positive behavior. This positive reinforcement can help students build self-esteem and confidence, and ultimately, improve their academic performance.

The Bloomz parent teacher communication app is more than just a way to stay up to date with classroom activities. It's also a powerful tool for improving student performance through the use of PBIS behavior management. By emphasizing positive behavior and providing teachers, parents, and students with the tools they need to track progress, the Bloomz PBIS behavior management tool is making a real difference in the lives of students and their families.




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