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    Quick Actions for iOS App

    by Horacio Ochoa, on Jan 8, 2021 4:09:57 PM

    This week we updated our mobile app for iOS devices with a really neat feature to help you be even more efficient in your classroom communication: Quick Actions.

    Bloomz Quick Actions Menu

    If you're not familiar with Quick Actions in iOS, they show up in a menu format when you press and hold on an app icon (here is a short article from Apple on them).

    In Bloomz, we thought about the things you'd more likely to be in a hurry to do with our app, and came up with this quick actions:

    1. Create a post
    2. Send an urgent alert
    3. Send a private message
    4. Check out your notifications

    When you press any of the first three options, you'll be able to select the group or classroom you want to send to. And the fourth option will take you to the notifications screen.

    Of course, you will still get the standard options from iOS to edit your home screen, share the app and delete it (which, of course, we wouldn't suggest at all 😉).

    We hope you enjoy this new feature available now to all users with eligible iOS devices.

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