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The Famous Classroom Behavior Clip Charts

by Mallory Miller, on May 4, 2023 5:13:10 PM

Clip ChartCalling all elementary administrators!  How many of you have walked into a classroom and seen the famous classroom behavior clip chart? If you raised your hand, please continue reading.  I have seen them and I even used them when I was in the classroom.  When you don't know anything different you continue doing what is comfortable or what other colleagues are using, right?  One of my favorite educational speakers I saw at many conferences was Brian Mendler.  His opinion on classroom wide behavior charts is stated perfectly in this video: Brian Mendler on Behavior Charts.  

Classroom behavior clip charts, at the end of the 7 hour school day, give the teacher and the parent one piece of feedback.  That feedback, as you see in the example above, is limited one category.  For example, a parent may receive their child's daily homework folder and see that their son/daughter's behavior for the day was "Ready to rock."  Honestly, what feedback does "Ready to rock" really give to a teacher and/or parent during the course of a 7 hour school day.  

Making a stronger partnerships with our parents became a top priority, especially when it came to partnering on student behavior.  The Bloomz platform opened up the land of so many possibilities.  As a parent, wouldn't you love to see a snapshot of your child's day around campus, not just in the classroom, with more specifics?  As a teacher, wouldn't you love to not only have that feedback captured, but have the ability to easily pull reports on each of your specific students?  Finally, we could implement true school wide behavioral feedback that was rooted in our school wide expectations.  Our school PBIS model now had an avenue to soar.  Feedback to parents was not only coming from their child's classroom teacher, but the principal, recess duty monitors, custodians, etc...  Instead of always hyper focusing on the negative parts that is associated with behavior, we could capture and highlight both "good jobs" and "needs work" moments for students. 

Every year our students spend approx. 1,260 hours in the school atmosphere.  Think how much more powerful we can make those 1,260 hours with timely and specific behavioral feedback with our families!  


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