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    A Student Lens on a Classroom Communication App

    by Srishti Mangal, on Jul 27, 2022 2:36:51 PM

    Many school communication apps have helped facilitate classroom communication, but have forgotten one crucial aspect: the students. It is just as important to ensure that students have all the tools and features to be successful in their education on these communication platforms. Bloomz, a classroom communication app, has it all. Here's why students will love Bloomz. 

    Stay on Top of School Assignments 

    With Bloomz, students can easily view their calendar, review their assignments, and meet all their deadlines.These features are critical to a student's success and help students organize their schedules to ensure proper time management. As well as, students can type, draw, record audio, add files or media to complete their assignments. Bloomz also provides regular updates on school activities posted by their teachers, thereby allowing students to prepare for them in time. 

    Enhanced Classroom Interactions

    Bloomz prioritizes PBIS features, promoting positivity, strong student engagement, and open communication in classrooms. With its' advanced behavioral tracking features, as a student you can see any points or awards you have earned and even redeem your points. Bloomz provides optional audio cues when points are awarded, plus visual animations that keep students engaged in the process. 

    Builds better Relationships with Parents

    School life can often be a source of conflict in the home life of a student, but with Bloomz it can be prevented. Bloomz assures for better transparency between students and parents through serving as a platform that displays all aspects of a student's school life and academic history. With this, parents can easily monitor their student's progress which leads to the establishment of a more positive relationship between students and their parents. 

    Receive Valuable Feedback

    Bloomz provides a plethora of features to ensure students are regularly receiving feedback on assignments, in classrooms, or any where in school. Teachers are now more readily available to give feedback with the new automation feature in Bloomz, making it much easier to give personalized feedback to students. Along with this, parents can easily voice their concerns and urge schools to change things for the better of the student's success. The feedback guarantees that students will receive the best education when learning with Bloomz.  

    Bloomz is one of the few school communication apps that ensures all students are set up for success when learning from its' platform. It keeps everyone interconnected, helping facilitate communication between the school, teachers, parents, and students. With Bloomz, you can steer students into a positive direction. To learn more about how Bloomz can help your district, students and teachers, schedule a time for a demo here!