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Parental Engagement Drives Student Success

by Nathan Resick, on Jan 12, 2023 1:48:17 PM

parent-phone-1Parent engagement in schools means parents and teachers working together to support and improve their students' learning, development, and health. Engaging our parents in their children's school education is essential to promoting our children's success in the classroom. Recent studies have proven that parent engagement in schools can help promote positive educational habits among children and adolescents.

The data is clear: school efforts to help promote learning skills among students are more successful when the parents are involved in the process. 

Studies have shown that students who have parents adequately engaged in their education are more likely to have:

 • Improved grades and test scores

• Better student behavior

• Enhanced social skills

Also, students who have parents who are intensely engaged in their school life are less likely to:

• Start Smoking cigarettes

• Drink alcohol.

• Become pregnant

• Be more physically inactive

Bloomz can drastically improve student AND parental engagement, in fact the app was created with the specific goal of bridging that communication gap. We have many tools to drive engagement, including our powerful PBIS management system. Another good example of a tool that drives engagement is Our school conference feature improves attendance (which in turn increases student and parental engagement!)

Please schedule a product demo today if you want to find out if Bloomz is right for your school or district.



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